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Why do consumers prefer coffee?

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Consumers prefer coffee over other caffeinated beverages because it is convenient and cost effective. Energy drinks have much caffeine, but are too expensive and cannot be created at home.

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You prefer coffee over tea is it correct?

I prefer coffee to tea. 'to' is the correct preposition.

Spot the error - you prefer coffee than tea?

It should be, "you prefer coffee to tea".

I prefer coffee tea What preposition should go between the word coffee and the word tea?

I think it is: I prefer coffee OVER tea. But it also could be: I prefer coffee to tea.It could also be more than tea but i think it is I prefer coffee to tea. I would always use to.

If you like coffee a lot more than you like tea which is the correct sentence - 'I prefer tea to coffee' or 'I prefer coffee to tea'?

The correct way to tell people about your love of java is to say that "I prefer coffee to tea."

What beverage did Frederick the Great prefer?


Do most American consumers prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Most consumers prefer milk chocolate over all other types of chocolate.

You prefer tea to coffee. Is this gramatically right?

it can be considered coffee than tea

Do most consumers prefer milk chocolate?


Should you make a cup of tea?

No, I prefer coffee.

Do Italians hate coffee?

No. Italians love coffee. They may not like perculated coffee. Italians prefer strong coffee steamed in a Machinette or an Espresso machine.

What type of banking do consumers most prefer?

Honest banking.

Where is the best coffee in the world grown?

Coffee can taste different based on where the beans are grown due to the climate they live in. Some people may prefer one coffee while another may prefer a different one. Typically coffee beans are grown at warmer climates such as Cuba or Columbia.

Why do tea drinkers prefer a teacup?

They prefer tea cups as tea is served very hot and a tea cup is thinner than a coffee mug so the tea will cool quicker oppossed to a coffee mug which is supposed to keep your coffee hot.

What types of coffee does Coffee Bean Direct sell to consumers?

Coffee Bean Direct sells all different sorts of coffee and tea to consumers. They offer regular, non flavored coffees, along with many types of flavored coffees. They sell coffee blends, which are more expensive coffees blended with less expensive beans, to offer a more exotic coffee at a less costly price.

What are interview questions for fast food?

Do consumers prefer chicken or beef?

How many tablespoons of coffee does it take to make a cup of coffee?

Depends what kind of coffee and how string you prefer it. I like a tablespoon of fine grind per cup.

Does prefer comes with to or than?

It is correct to say "I prefer this to that" (for example, "I prefer tea to coffee"). This would mean that you have a preference for, or favor, tea over coffee. "Than" is for comparisons: this is [more, greater, better, etc.] than that. But you would say "I would rather do this than that."

How does coffee taste?

Coffee tastes delicious if you add some Coffee-Mate to it. They have tons of great flavors to make your coffee taste fantastic! Personallly I prefer to add the liquid Coffee-Mate to my coffee for the taste but they also have a powder you can add.

When would you like to have coffee?

People have different times they prefer to drink coffee; some people prefer different types or brews of coffee at particular times. Coffee-drinkers almost invariably drink coffee in the mornings; after that its a matter of personal preference which can vary widely. Some don't drink coffee from the afternoon on because they find it interferes with their sleeping patterns; others enjoy coffee after or with every meal and snack throughout the day.

Do you prefer to grind your own coffee from beans or do you buy it already ground?

I very much prefer to grind my own coffee. Whole bean coffee stays fresher, longer, and tastes betteer freshly ground. I bought a coffee pot that grinds the beans right before brewing, and it makes my coffee fresh and full of flavor. I hardly ever buy pre ground coffee, it doesn't taste as good.

Do people prefer to use a bodum or instant coffee?

Most serious coffee drinkers prefer to use a Bodem French press or coffee maker as opposed to making it with hot water and an instant mix. People who are in a rush and do not care so much about flavor as they do saving time are more likely to use instant coffee.

By examining owl pellets ecologists are able to determine the?

consumers which owls prefer

Socially responsible consumers prefer to buy from companies that use what?

Renewable resources

How hot will the Keurig Platinum B70 1 Cup Coffee Brewer make a cup of coffee?

You can program the temperature to whatever you prefer.

How do you use the word prefer in a sentence?

I prefer banana milkshake over strawberry.He asked whether she would prefer Italian or Chinese for dinner.I will always prefer tea instead of coffee.I prefer to spend time with you.

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