Why do corduroy pants make noise when walking?

First of all :
• Usually it is the bottow of the legs which makes sound. Your corduroys shouldn't be kept too long. Bell bottoms made a hell of a noise but slim corduroys don't usually do. Most regular denim jeans make more sound when the legs rub together than soft corduroys do.
• Fat people should never wear corduroys. Their thighs rubbing together make a lot of noise. The other reason is that corduroy doesn't look good on fat people especially when the corduroy is thick. Corduroys looks great on tall, regular and slim dudes.
• These years, most corduroys are rather soft and even if the legs rubs together they don't make sound anymore especially the narrow wales type. 50 years ago, corduroy material was rather ruff, the wales were rigid and when corduroy rubbed against corduroy it made that special sound.
• Keep the legs the appropriate length so the excess corduroy material doesn't rub together and make sound. Watch and you will find that usually people who make sound with their corduroys have legs on their pants not cut the appropriate length.
• Wash your corduroys inside out so that the wales stay nice and soft and keep their color. Did you notice how usually the colors on corduroy are vivid? Black is darker, red is hot red... If you prefer the vintage look, take notice of how nice is faded corduroy. Faded black gives special gray on the top of the wales and it says black in the ridges.