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The parental control is turned on or you have to pay extra for some channels.

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Q: Why do digital converter boxes sensor some channels?
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Where can digital converter boxes be bought?

Digital converter boxes can be bought from many electronic retailers online and offline. Best Buy and Walmart both stock many kinds of digital converter boxes while Amazon stocks these products online.

What is the difference between digital boxes and digital adapters?

The difference between digital boxes and digital adapters is that digital boxes can offer extra services such as Pay Per View, On Demand and Premium Channels such as HBO.

What digital TV converter boxes are compatible with Sony television?


How do you program an RCA remote to your magnavox converter box?

Not all universal remote work with digital converter boxes, there is one that does work with Magnavox converter boxes, the RCA RCR503.

Digital converter box for a Symphonic TV?

A digital converter box for a Symphonic TV can be found at most local electronic stores. Cable companies also provide digital converter boxes for subscribers.

What store sells digital converter boxes?

Digital converter boxes are used to convert digital signals to analog and were required to access tv signals for all analog televisions starting in 2011. Digital Convertor boxes are widely available at local retailers such as Target, Best Buy, HH Greg, Sears, Walmart, Radio Shack and more.

Why is RCN in Easton PA making customers get digital converter boxes and charging 8.95 a month more?

All of the cable companies are dropping analog channels in the near future.They are doing this in an effort to offer more HD (High Definition) programming.Newer sets with digital tuners will work without a converter box but older sets with analog tuners will go black.The $8.95 fee is a rental fee for up to four converter boxes.

Which stores sell converter boxes for old TV sets that are not equipped to receive digital signals?

At you will be able to find a great variety of converter boxes for old TV sets that are not equipped to receive digital signals, and the prices are affordable

Will you still get xtra tv channels with a standard set top box?

Like for example , but not only example , 7.1 , 7.2 , 7.3 , 7.4 , the answer is , YES. The set top digital to analog converter boxes receive and display all ATSC Digital signals.

Can you still get a digital tv converter box coupon?

No. Way too late to get coupons. But you can order converter boxes online cheaper than in store.

Are there still converter boxes available for TV's?

Yes, several stores that sell televisions still sell the analog to digital convertor boxes. The price has dropped significantly over the last two years. A converter box can be found in some stores for $20 or more.

Will there be approx. 1000 subchannels in over 100 channels for almost any of its free and-or cheap digital multicast TV boxes with antennas?

Yes, there will be approx. 1,000 sub-channels in over 100 channels, being featured on all digital multicast TV boxes that are either new or existing as being updated (including approx. 100 of which are premium movie channels from HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Encore, Movieplex, The Movie Channel, EPIX and FLIX, plus all of the other channels that are being transferred from the digital cable and satellite days to all of its new and newly-updated digital multicast TV boxes, joining all local broadcast TV channels from around everywhere across America); not included will be "adults-only packaging" (which is due to either pornography or whatever it's likely called), international, pay-per view channels, or any of the 200 premium sports channels. Video on-demand services from these 1,000 channels would be included on all of its new and newly-updated digital multicast TV boxes). All free and/or cheap TV boxes would have 1,000 sub-channels on approx. 100 channels everywhere worldwide, with video on-demand service and others also included. It is definitely going to happen, because of The World's Grand Revival; also, news will be reported and sources will be given very soon.

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