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  • When dogs eat their own feces it is a condition known as coprophagia. It actually is quite common with younger dogs. When a dog does this, it is usually due to a mineral deficiency. As gross as it sounds, it doesn't know any better. When your dog becomes socialized, it will learn that it is "improper." Also, it is important that while training a dog -- and throughout its life -- that you as the owner pick up his poop BEFORE he gets a chance to "eat" it. It is my experience that your pooch will grow out of this with good nutrition and also removing any feces from his path. Sometimes a dog will eat their own feces if in housebreaking your dog you rub their nose in the feces, which never should be done. the dog thinks that this is what is expected of them. dogs usually try to please their master.
  • Because they are not getting enough nutrients in their food.
  • The jury is still out on this one. The most popular belief is the one the other poster gave, but it's a limp answer to the reality of the question. At the beginning dogs were wild (until tamed by man) and they did all sorts of things to survive. I've heard that dogs often ate feces to cover up where that particular pack of dogs had been. There is no proven theory that either of these answers are correct.
  • My dog used to do this and I just think that he is bored and maybe a bit hungry but he has grown out of it just a few months ago.
  • Because they aren't getting good quality food with all the nutrients. After your dog eats his/her dinner give it a piece of pineapple which will make the poo taste really bad.
  • When young dogs eat their own feces its probably because there are still some nutrients in the feces( I personally thinks its fine for them to recycle their own feces ). But if it's a full-grown dog eating its own feces might be a problem; they might either felt being ignore/boring or stressed. My dog used to play and drink water from toilet and eat its own feces when we left her alone in the house.
  • It's unknown why dogs eat their own poop / feces - some people say boredom, others anxiety, and others poor nutrition. None of these can be proven - the best thing is to prevent this habit by cleaning up after then and not allowing them the opportunity to eat their poop. You can also attempt to train them by saying NO! or showing them it is not OK to do this when you catch them in the act. This usually works as well as teaching them not to counter surf.

    Some dogs eat other dogs' feces (an even worse idea) but in some instances is it normal. For example mothers of a litter eat their puppies feces to keep the den clean and to prevent parasites and bacteria from building up. This will stop once the puppies are old enough.

  • Is the dog in question also eating his food REALLY fast? If so, that's your problem. He's eating his food so fast that he's "passing" it too fast for his body to get the nutrients out of it. So he eats his feces in an attempt to get that nutrition the "second time around." To stop this behavior (and you REALLY, REALLY want to -- think about it: he eats his poo and then probably licks your face, right? Gross!!) put a tennis ball (or two) in his food bowl. That will give him a harder time wolfing it down. Also, give him a bit of pineapple (it won't hurt him, I promise!) ... that will make his poo stink so much (to him -- you won't notice a thing) to him that he won't even consider eating it!! If he's NOT eating it too fast, then it's malnutrition or just plain anxiety or boredom. But it will still be a behavioral issue that needs to be dealt with. The best person to ask would be your family vet!
  • I don't think that they will stop eating their own feces how much it stinks: the more it stinks more taste its poo will be. However, when young dogs eat their own feces its probably because there are still some nutrients in the feces( I personally thinks its fine for them to recycle their own feces ). But if it's a full-grown dog eating its own feces might be a problem; they might either felt being ignore/boring or stressed. My dog used to play and drink water from toilet and eat its own feces when we left her alone in the house.
  • If your dog eats fast it goes through the digestive system faster which means more flavor so it tastes like food.
  • It's not because of bad nutrition and it's caused because they are bored and are curious of what it tastes like.
  • It could be a neurotic behaviour like if their bored, or there could be some vitamins or minerals that they are lacking in their diet. A normal dog should not be eating its feces, as it is not healthy for any animal (except for rabbits and some other rodents) to eat their feces.
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Why are dogs called mongrel?

Dogs will eat feces

Why do dogs eat rabbit poop?

For unknown reasons, dogs appear to find the scent and taste of feces pleasant, therefore dogs will eat the feces.

Why do dogs eat their poo?

Dogs eat their feces because they can smell the undigested food left over that still remains in the feces.

Why do dogs eat their own feces?

Dogs need something in their body when they eat their own feces and feces of other animals. They usually do not have a dietary dficiency but it could be some type of medical disorder.

Can dogs eat rabbit food?

If dogs can eat pig feces (that's poo), then yes, dogs can eat rabbit food.

Is it safe for dogs to eat collard greens?

Is it safe for dogs to eat there own Feces? No, but they do anyway.

Can dogs get sick if they eat there own feces?


Do maggots eat dog feces?

Yes, maggots will eat the feces of most animals, including dogs. The blow flies will lay eggs in the feces to produce the maggots.

Do all mother dogs eat their puppies feces?


Why do dogs eat feces-?

Dogs eat feces for various reasons, some of which include; Lack of nutrients in their daily diet, hunger, coprophagia condition, boredom, anxiety, stress, loneliness.

Why do ostriches eat feces?

same reason as dogs they are lacking vitamins

Why do dogs eat other dogs' faeces?

They may be eating their own or other dogs feces because of a nutritional reason. They may not be getting the nutrition they need from their diet so they eat the other animals feces as a way of getting the nutrients. Mother dogs eat pups' feces to avoid attracting predators. Puppies may do it as part of their exploration of the world, and the behavior can be reinforced by the attention it attracts.

Do dogs clean their teeth with feces?

No. There are parasites in feces. Consuming feces can make dogs sick or have worms.

Do dogs eat puppies feces?

Yes, dogs do indeed eat puppy feces. They eat small amounts when grooming or licking the anus to help stimulate defecation in puppies. They may eat larger amounts of feces to clean up after the puppies. That has a role in the wild of helping to hide from predators. The puppy waste may draw predators, and eating it gets rid of it.

Is it unhealthy for dogs to eat deer feces?

Well, it makes ME sick to my stomach to think of it.

Can dogs eat egg salad?

Yes, however they will probably experience soft feces.

Why does your dog eat feces? look here for more info

Why does a dog eat their own feces?

DOGSAre stupid animals they eat their poo because they have only little brain the only thing that dogs are smart at is sniffing

Can you eat your feces for breakfast?

Consuming feces for any meal is unsafe and unsanitary. Some animals will eat their own waste, such as dogs, but this is not considered a meal that anyone should eat. This can cause a person to become ill.

Is raccoon poop harmful to dogs?

Raccoon feces can be dangerous for dogs as they may contain parasites or other disease organisms that can be spread to dogs if they eat or touch it.

Why do dogs eat human feces?

Dogs will eat almost anything. Part of coprophagia (feces eating) in dogs comes from their instincts. They have some instinctual drives toward hygiene. A mother dog will lick her puppies in their anuses to help stimulate their bowels. She may also eat anything that she sees as a risk to her puppies. Then after a while, it can become a habit, where she will clean up after unrelated dogs and other animals.

Is it harmful for your dog to eat goose feces?

It is common for dogs to eat goose feces and other feces, but with the threat of giardia among others, it can be harmful. Coprophagia is the term used to describe this behavior. Due to the possibility of parasites and disease this habit should be avoided.

Could animals eat feces?

Yes.Some dogs do.And some birds and insects will as well as bacteria

Why do some dogs eat there poo?

Some dogs do it because their body is telling them they are not receiving enough of a certain vitamin/protein so they then eat their feces in order to ingest the vitamins/proteins that were excreted.

What can cause your dogs feces to be dark black and tar like?

Blood in stool, what did he eat last 2 days?