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Those bumps that you see are called papillae. They contain taste buds.

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Dog lips are called dog lips. That's the true and proper answer in a nutshell. The pendulous part of a dogs upper lips is known as the flew but dog lips are simply called dog lips. .

All dogs have pink lips

Gaskets that are serrated

Beacause they are growling or scared!

Serrated leaves are leaves that have toothed edges.

can you difine me what is gastric serrated adenoma, how will you treat this

yes some birds do have serrated beaks

serrated slicer is used for slicing cakes and breads

It all depends on the type of breed they are.

A gastric serrated adenoma refers to a polyp that would be found in the gastric lining. The serrated aspect refers to a saw toothed appearance of the polyp.

The main reason is because they are either thirsty or uncomfortable

A knife with a serrated edge will cut meat more easily.

Dogs usually lick other dogs lips because its a way that the dog is nurturing the other one. It is just something they do to mother eachother. My dogs do it ALL the time and ii think its really cute and sweet to watch.and from when dogs were wolfs, the younger lickd ther parents mouths for food. Answer: Dogs lick each others mouths as a sign of submission and respect. Their saying,'You're the boss.'

Most bread knives usually come serrated, wether that knife be bought in a set, or by itself. Serrated knives are by far the best for cutting bread.

My dog loves chapstick, so I put it on his lips. He just licks like crazy. It doesn't seem to hurt him.

Improving on the answers below: "The chef knew that a serrated knife, with its saw teeth, was best to use to slice french bread."I'll give you a few answers:He used the internet to find how to use the word serratedin a sentence.You could always look up serrated on the dictionary.

You use a stone on the straight part of the edge and a small round file for the serrated edges.

the 'lips' on some dogs hang lower than others therefore the saliva is easier to escape and drip off

It is quite natural for dogs to have black lips. It might have been paler when it was a puppy, but it is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about.

By pressing on the dogs voice box and moving the lips, he noticed he could create words from the dogs noises.

just something they're born our pinkish colored mouth

they were invented in 1659

There is not much clear information as to why dog's lips are jagged. Those little bumps on their lips remain a mystery. From what I can gather on the little info that is out there, they are either "grippers" for holding young in their mouths without hurting them, or they are extra taste buds. Perhaps they are both.

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