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Why do dogs kill and eat other dogs?


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Irresponsible owners. Blame the owner, not the dog. 58% of deaths involve unrestrained dogs on their owners property.

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Dogs will readily kill possums, but they do not eat them.

Dogs can eat coconuts. It won't kill them.

if they do it will not kill them, but dogs should never eat human food

Yes, cougars will kill and eat dogs.

except some hunter dogs they don't want to kill and eat any dog or human or... just if they were very hungry they eat just others bodyes

Its not just female dogs....... they kill the dogs cuz they are protecting their puppies!

no, because dogs can eat the cardboard of the puzzle

No! Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is toxic to dogs, and can kill them.

Hot dogs are not the healthiest choice, but unless you eat them day after day and eat little else, they probably won't kill you.

Onions can make dogs sick, but they would have to eat alot of onion in order to kill them.

Any large carnivore would kill and eat a dog. Dogs are frequently killed by alligators or crocodiles in coastal areas. Bears and big cats also kill and eat dogs. In addition, scavengers will eat anything that is dead, so they'll eat dogs too.

Dogs don't eat everything. Some foods are poisonous, and can even kill them if they get enough!

Wild dogs typically get salt from the food that they eat. They consume the flesh of animals they kill, but also often eat the contents of their prey's stomachs and other organs.

No. Dogs do not generally eat cats, but dogs could conceivably kill a cat, so be careful.

No because it can kill them and they will not be able to breathe. Dogs should not eat anything related to onions or garlic.

the asians train the dogs to kill the kittens so they can eat them saves the the trouble of trying to catch the khunts

A dog should never eat human food. Anything sugary can kill a dog. No, dogs can't eat icebreakers.

No other animals eat their animals but not dogs

no they may attack but not kill

NO it can kill them. NEVER give them caramel.

A lot of bigger animals

I don't know about eat, but they might attack them and or kill them.

The usual diet of an owl is mice and other rodents. It would have to be a very small dog for the owl to catch, kill and eat it.

Pitbulls do not naturally kill other dogs. Their owners have taken advantage of their natural aggressive nature to teach this.

Iron as in the mineral, yes. Iron is in the blood of animals, which wild dogs (or even house dogs, should they kill a mouse or other animal) often eat. Iron as in the metal, no. Feeding it to them would constitute animal abuse.

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