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It's called "Contrast". At night the Electric light is much brighter than the surrounding "Ambient" light so it "appears" to brighten up the corners of a dark room in "Contrast" to the ambient light. But, during the day the "Ambient" light is so much brighter than the Electric light that it does not "appear" to have the same effect. Part of this is due to your eyes. Since your eyes adjust to different levels of light, to help you see better under varying light conditions. In the dark of night your Iris is wide open to allow more light in, thus the Electric light "looks" bright. But, during the day your Iris is closed down to not let so much light in (if it stayed open you would not be able to see well due to so much light getting into your eye that it would "white out" everything) so the Electric light actually "appears" to be dark. A good example of "Contrast" is Sun Spots. Sun Spots "appear" to be "dark spots" on the surface of the sun. In actuallity they are so bright that if you were to look at them without some sort of eye protection (dark glasses) the brightness could blind you. The reason they "appear" dark is that the surrounding areas of the surface of the sun are thousands of degrees hotter than the sun spot areas. TommyTrouble

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Q: Why do electrical lights not have the ability to fill dark corners of a room during daylight hours as they do so efficiently during nightlight hours?
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