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Why do elephants sleep standing up?

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if in danger they can get away easier if they are on their feet

elephants will suffacate if the lay down because there so heavy

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How do elephants sleep?

by standing up

Do baby elephants sleep standing up?

yes they do

Which animal sleep standing up?

Most four legged grazing animals sleep standing up including horses, giraffes, zebras, and elephants.

Do elephants sleep standing or lying down like dogs and cows?

Elephants do not lie down and sleep. They sleep standing. You know why? They are afraid ants might get into their trunks

What do elephants sleep on?

I am frequently asked how elephants sleep, and you may be surprised to hear that they do sleep lying down. The popular assumption is that elephants always sleep standing up, which can be true for a quick cat nap. However, elephants lie down on the ground when they sleep soundly for a few hours each night. There are even records of elephants snoring while deep in sleep!

What animals sleep standing up?

Almost all birds routinely sleep standing up (some can even sleep on the wing). Most hoofed animals can sleep or doze standing up, even if they would normally lie down. For very large species, such as elephants, lying down can be dangerous as their internal organs cannot take the pressure for long.

Do elephants sleep standing up?

No. GO TO: Acorrding to a zoo website i was just reading and a program i saw on telly they sleep both standing up and laying down.

Where do elephants sleep?

An Elephant sleep just for a while in standing position they don not need to lay down for sleep. Elephants can sleep any where any time. Sometimes they will take turns at sleeping while the other Elephants keep watch.

Does antelope sleep standing up?

Yes. An antelope does sleep standing up.

Do lamb sleep standing up?

nope, they like to curl up when they sleep, but a horse does sometimes sleep standing up.

Can rats sleep standing up?

No, rats cannot sleep standing up. The only mammals that can sleep standing up are large herbivorous mammals, like horses. They sleep standing up because it is sometimes difficult for them to stand up for lying down. Some birds, like flamingoes, sleep standing on one foot.

Do goats sleep standing up?

no, goats sit when they sleep. They are not like horses who sleep standing. no, goats sit when they sleep. They are not like horses who sleep standing.

What animal besides a horse can sleep standing up?

None. Only a horse can sleep standing up.

Do alpackers sleep standing?

no, they do not, horses are the only known animals to sleep standing up.

Do hores sleep standing up?

Yes, most horses sleep standing up but sometimes they do lie down.

What does a horse sleep on and how much is it?

They sleep standing up. They can be kept in a barn at night with hay to eat and water to drink and will sleep standing up in their stall. they sleep standing up on the ground, in a paddock or barn, free of charge unless your agisting

Dose zebras sleep standing up?

yes, zebras do sleep standing up but they also can sleep lying on the ground. horses are the same way.

Moose sleep standing up?

They sleep standing on one leg and rotate during the night.

Do zebras sleep standing up or laying down?

They sleep standing like horses which they are horses.

Does a giraffe sleep standing up?

Yes giraffes do sleep standing up, they are more vulnerable to predators lying down.

Can elephants sleep?

No Elephants feel that they must be on the alert for predators. This is true of elephants in the wild and elephants in the zoo. As a result, elephants sleep a maximum of four hours per day/night. This four hours is not in a row. Elephants sleep for about 30 minutes and then get up for something to eat and then lie back down. They repeat this cycle until they get about four hours of sleep.

Do moose sleep standing up?

Yes, moose generally sleep standing up. They will usually sleep standing while leaning against a tree or something else that is big enough to hold their weight.

How does an elephant sleep?

they sleep standing up like a horse

How does a pony sleep?

Ponies and Horses sleep standing up.

Do leopards sleep standing up?

No, they sleep laying down.