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Why do female hamsters eat male hamsters?

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May 22, 2015 5:55PM

A female hamster shouldn't even be in the same cage as a male hamster,unless you are trying to breed them.If they are together the male will naturally try to mate with her,it doesn't matter to him that she might not be in heat. If a female isn't in heat she will attack any male that is in the cage with her.Also if you are putting 2 hamsters together with the intention of breeding you should always hand breed. Hand breeding is when you wait until the female is in heat and you put her and the male in neutal territory. Always wear gloves and have a ruler handy so that if need be you can separate them from fighting,although this rarly happens.After they actually start to mate supervise them for 40 minutes and then put both back in their own cages.Approximately 16 days later you should have babies.

They don't.