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To breath

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Why do sharks swim with their mouth open?

Many fish swim with their mouths open. They swim with their mouths open because the water goes into their mouths and out their gills, which is how they breathe.

Why do your fresh water fish have open mouths?

Not all freshwater fish have permanently open mouths. In fact, very few of them do. But the reason they open their mouths so often is they have to do it to breathe. They suck in water and pass it over their gill fillaments (like our lungs) where Oxygen is taken in and Carbon dioxide etc is passed out.

What fish is eating in another fish mouth?

Pilot fish are known to swim into the open mouths of sharks and clean the food scraps from around their teeth.

Where did the expression fish out of water come from?

Their mouths lap open and their eyes freeze they jump about looking for the water.

Where are fish mouths located on the fish?

In the front.

Could a fish survive without opening and closing there mouths?

No. If they didn't open and close their mouths, water couldn't flow through their body, and then out their gills. Thus, they wouldn't survive.

How does a hippo brush its teeth?

hippos open their mouths and the cleaner wrasses (a fish) comes and eats all the bacteria

Why do fish open their mouth?

Most fish will open and close their mouths mostly because they are sucking up mico algaes they do this as well by picking up gravel sucking off the the algae and spitting them back out.

Why do walruses sniff to find food?

They open there mouths like whales and go in the water. Its basically a fish net that a walrus has.

Why do birds have their mouths open?

to eat, or to sing, or to vomit into the mouths of their children

What do clown fish eat with?

Clown fish eat with their mouths.

Do star fish have mouths?


Do fish have mouths or gills?

They have a big .....

Why do cats open their mouths?

Cats open their mouths because they yawn. They also sneeze (just like homans).

Why do crocodiles sleep with their mouths on the beach?

Crocodiles are often seen on the beach, looking like they are asleep, with their mouths open. What they are doing is basking, they keep their mouths open to regulate their body temperature. People sweat, dogs and cats pant, and crocodiles open their mouths :)

How do fish eat?

fish chews the food and swallow it they eat with there mouths

What are fish with sucker mouths called?


How do fish carry their food?

In their mouths or stomachs

How does fish takes foods themselves?

their mouths

How does a shark hunt?

with their mouths open!

Why do eels open and close their mouths?

eels must open and cloth their mouths constantly in order to circulate water over their gills

Do Betta fish eat clownfish?

No. Betta can only eat what will fit in their mouths...and bettas' mouths are tiny.

How do perch eat?

Perch eat the same way that other fish do. They open their mouths, suck in the food and eat it. They eat a variety of things in the water.

What animal has the lagest mouth for a land animal?

Hippopotamuses can open their mouths 3 metres wide Lions can open their mouths 1.7 metres

How scallops escape with their enemies?

Scallops open their mouths and shut them so then they start to move, so that's how they get away the open and close their mouths.

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