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Why do flowers have fragrance?

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to attract pollenating insects

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What is fragrance on a flower?

Flowers have some fragrance which attract pollinating insects..

What are the flowers that have fragrance?

a good perfum

What is a example of deductive reasoning?

all flowers are fragrance gumamela is a flower therefore gumamela is fragrance.

What is the main purpose of the flower's fragrance?

The main purpose of the flowers fragrance is to help attract pollinators, and guide them to the pollen and nectar inside. This helps the flowers produce seeds.

What is fragrance?

Fragrance is a smell, an aroma, or an odor. It is usually associated with pleasant smells (such as flowers). It is also a synonym for perfume in some cases.

Why do flowers have colored petals and sometimes have a fragrance?

To attract pollinating insects.

Why are flowers coloured and have fragrance?

To attract bees, birds in order to polinate

Why people loves flowers?

People love colors which make them happy. Flowers are of variety of colors and fragrance too.

How do flowers attract pollinators?

Flowers attract pollinators by their lovely fragrance and bright colors that grab pollinators attention easily.

Why do some flowers have attractive colours while some have fragrance?

nothing happens

What part of a flower produces fragrance?

In most flowers, the petals contain the majority of fragrance, as evidenced by the use of rose and jasmine petals in the distillation of perfume oils.

What is the antonym of bouquet?

If bouquet is an arrangement of flowers then the antonym I would say is scent or fragrance.

Why are some flowers not brightly coloured?

some flowers are brightly coloured to attract birds and insects for pollination, While some are not bright coloured, these flowers attract insects with their fragrance.

What is a tree with large yellow and white flowers starting with fra?

fragrance This is probably Frangipani (Plumeria rubra)

Are white flowers more fragrant than colored?

i don't think fragrance has anything to do with color

What is Lady Gaga favorite fragrance?

She likes flowers and her favorite perfumes are like Marc Jacobs

What has the author Kate Ursula Brock written?

Kate Ursula Brock has written: 'The fragrance of flowers'

Can a mulim have a name like Alveera?

The closest sounding name to "Alveera" that is Muslim in origin would be "Abeera" which means a nice floral fragrance, or fragrance of flowers; it is a feminine name.

Why are flowers generally colorful and fragrant?

The color and fragrance of flowers attract insects and animals who will help them pollinate, carrying pollen from one flower or plant to another.

How do you spell bocay?

The likely word sought, from French, is bouquet(boo-kay - bunch of flowers, or fragrance).

Can you say perfumes that are smelling of flowers?

No. That statement is not properly formed. You could say it better:The little shop sells perfumes that smell of flowers.It would be better to say:The little shop sells perfumes that have the fragrance of flowers.

What is organic fragrance?

an organic fragrance is a perfume only made of natural things Julian Rouas Paris fragrances are pure, fragrances made using only finest of essential oils and plants, trees, bushes and flowers from the French Rivieria. Makes such a difference on how long lasting a fragrance is.

How can you get rid of the smell?

Smell can be rid of by cleaning with fragrance of good odours, that is, with the air freshener of flowers, flowers of Mogra and Rose in a bowl, keep it in place where air passes from the door/window.

What does quote Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them mean?

While the giver of the flowers is trying to convey a blessing on the recipient, the giver is also being blessed. (Just my interpretation)

Name something a bachelor might buy for his bedroom to make it more romantic?

candles, flowers, scented fragrance, decorations