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Why do girls claim they dumped a guy when the guy dumped her?


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Because girls have too much pride. and we dont like to admit the truth.

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330 % of people are dumped or have been dumped. Boys who dumps girls are idiots!

Definitely. Unless she dumped you for that guy, then you should be even more mad.

It is probably because they don't really believe in the rumors. So, they go out with them and they get dumped or the player realizes that he has to stop doing it to all the girls and may give up the game.

Personally, i think Girls are most affected by a breakup because they tend to care more. However, when a Guy gets dumped, they tend to be most upset - Guys still care, even though most Girls believe that they don't...

hes not worth your time a guy like that is always going to be that way. Hes always going to want more than one girlfriend at a time ebcause he knows he can get away with it. and the only way you will know if he dumped her is by asking her.

Guy and fyi guys if you make the girl pay your gonna get dumped i swear.

if you dumbed her defintly not but if she dumped you then yes that probelly means she found another guy

evidently!!!☺ My boy friend dumped me for one!!!☺ So I really get pissed off when I see a hott skater guy with a preppy chick.☺

You do this by being there for her. Tell her that if the guy dumped her or if she dumped him, hes not worth it. DO something to take her mind off him. She'll be ok before she knows it.

i hugged my girlfriend at her uncle's funeral... she dumped me the next week.

he cheated on her by calling other girls and ciara caught him and dumped him

You have to tell him the truth it may be hard but he might be thankful for it and he can change

Well if he dumped you for a good reason like if he just doesn't like you anymore then you don't need revenge! Take my advice there is no need for revenge!

This is not always true...however, for those who do miss the men they dumped, it could just be that they are just not over the guy enough to move on yet. Or maybe they miss those special moments her and the guy spent together.

From a guys point of view i could see that going either way. It depends on how the guy dumped you. Most guys dont really ask out girls in person anymore they get hooked up with them by someone else. I would say you need to talk to him in person and ask why he broke up with you. Good Luck

depends if you want to or not. If you are over the guy that dumped you right away, and he knows that you didnt like him, or if you dumped him for another guy, then yes you might. if your ready. but if he dumps you and you really loved him, and you might be scared about losing the next one, then you may want to wait.

The past perfect tense of "dump" is "had dumped".I had dumpedWe had dumpedYou had dumpedHe/she had dumpedThey had dumped

The Production Budget for Two Girls and a Guy was $1,000,000.

Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

theres nothing different about two girls kissing than a guy and a girl or guy and guy kissing

I would check with the cousin first if it's okay, then you can do whatever you want with the guy.

He wants to know if your ok from the break-up, which in my opinion he still cares about you.

It depends on what the girls intrests are in a guy or what kinda guy the girl is looking for.

It depends on why he dumped you.I mean if he dumped you for another girl then try to break them up or you can make the boy jealous of if you have another guy with you but what ever you do DONT make the boy think YOU are jealous otherwise your busted.

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