Why do goldfish live in the pond?


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Goldfish are freshwater fish and can not survive in saltwater environments (oceans, etc) They can only survive in freshwater (non saltwater such as ponds, rivers, and lakes).


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no the goldfish would it the tadpole

Koi can live with goldfish, but may eventually outgrow the pond.

Either an aquarium or a pond. NO BOWLS, PLEASE!

You can purchase goldfish food that is suitable at almost any pet shop.

my goldfish live in a pond and do not eat pond-weed, algae, dead leaves... water snails, shrimp and bloodworms eat the dead plants and bacteria and goldfish eat the worms and shrimp.

if it is a big pond maybe but usually no but you can put a female beata and a male

Only fish like goldfish could live in your garden in a pond

my friend put a brown trout into my pond... I already have goldfish in there... will the brown trout kill my goldfish as it get's bigger?

Goldfish are freshwater pond fish, fish in the sea live in salt water.

yes, gold fish can be found living in a river, or pond.

Well, common goldfish can either live in a pond or home aquarium, its hard to answer precisely what you are asking because goldfish are not wild fish and don't really belong to a natural ecosystem.

Yes, the rate at which a goldfish grows, and its overall size, is often partially determined by its environment. This is why pond goldfish are considerably larger than aquarium goldfish, and why goldfish that are cramped-up in bowls stay relatively small. If you want your goldfish to grow into large healthy fish you'll buy them a large aquarium or pond to live in.

The goldfish will eat the mosquito's larvae before they can leave the pond and fly.

Some goldfish I guess. It depends on if it is wild or not.

In a pond (recommended for comet and common varieties), or in a well- filtrated aquarium (NOT a bowl).

Goldfish is both singular and plural - there are hundreds of goldfish in the pond - I have a goldfish in this jar.

A swordtail is a tropical fish and a goldfish is not. The swordtail would need a higher temp. than the goldfish. Depending on where you live it probably wouldn't survive the winter.

Usually in the Spring because the cooling then warming of the pond water stimulates goldfish to spawn.

This is a literature question not a goldfish one.

A pond is really the best place. Here is alist of places to keep a goldfish from best to worst. 1. A pond 2. A large aquarium- 10 gallons for each goldfish 3. A bowl- DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN A BOWL IT WILL NOT DO WELL AT ALL

Some goldfish may be safely moved to your outdoor pond. It is best to check and see if the kind of goldfish you have are suited for outdoor living.

Year round, but especially in Spring for pond goldfish.

Goldfish can be left in a pond with other fish and frogs. This might be dangerous if the fish are extremely large, because they can eat the goldfish. The goldfish will often eat the bugs.

Yes. As long as the pond is suitable. Oxygenation is essential.

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