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Golf shoes have rubber soles because it is a game played on the grass which needs to have stops at every step as rubber will increase the interlocking of friction, golf shoes have rubber soles

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Q: Why do golf shoes have rubber soles?
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Why do running shoes have rubber soles?

Runnign shoes have flexible rubber soles to absorb impact.

What are curling shoes made out of?

shoes with soft rubber soles

What are the soles of shoes made of?

Rubber or leather

What parts of the shoe are made of rubber?

your soles of your shoes

What is the material used for the soles of shoes?

Leather, cork, rubber, synthetic rubber, and foam rubber are all used in shoe soles of various types.

How do you make shoes less slippery?

use rubber soles

Do the rubber soles on shoes wear out?

Yes they do due to how much you walk on them. When your soles start wearing out it's time to get new shoes!!!!!!

Why do basketballplayers wear rubber shoes instead of leather shoes?

Rubber soles prevent the player from slipping while playing basketball.

Why do you get an electric shock if your wearing shoes with rubber soles?

you don't rubber doesn't conduct electricity if your getting shocked most likely their not rubber soled shoes

What happens to the product Nike when it wears out?

With a lot of nike products (espically the rubber soles from their tennis shoes) they recycyle the rubber soles and turn them into usful sports equipment. I know for a fact that with the soles, they grind them into tiny pieces or rubber and then use the ground rubber soles to make tracks for local track and field fields. The soft springy rubber track is actually amazing to run on. Also, if the shoes are not in too bad of shape (i.e. soles are worn but the shoes is in decent shape) Nike will donate the shoes to people in need (homeless, poor, third world country inhabitants, etc)

What kind of shoes do physical therapists wear to work?

Comfortable with non-slip/rubber soles shoes.

What materials do you need to make shoes?

leather rubber soles laces leather

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