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because lightning attracts to wood

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Why won't wood from a tree hit by lightning burn?

It does burn. Trees struck by lightning (or that strike power lines) will be scorched and often die completely as a result. In fact, "dry lightning" (with little or no accompanying precipitation) is a common natural cause of wildfire (but is generally exceeded by the number of wildfires started by human activity).

Does lightning ever hit tall trees?

The electricity in lightning seeks out the fastest way to transmit itself from the sky to the ground below. As a result tall trees are often struck by lightning if they are the tallest object in a given area.

Why does lighning strike trees?

As lightning comes down, it looks for the first thing to hit, which is why trees and other tall structures get hit more than humans.

Does lightning ever strike the same place twice?

Yes it can. Tall buidings have lightning conductors which are hit several times every year. It is estimated that there are 8,000,000 lightning strikes every day. Not only does it hit the same place more than once, several people have been hit more than once.Sometimes in Florida where they have a lot of lightning and they have tree nurseries They have trees called lightning trees. These trees don't get sold they are there because they have been struck by lightning before which means they are one of the tallest trees in the grove they are there so they can attract lightning so the lightning doesn't strike other trees. So if your out in an open field every time when it is raining and lightning is going on too, you may get struck more than once.It can and often has.

Can human beings be hit by lightning or thunder?

Humans can be definitely hit by lighting but not neccisarily thunder.... Lightning is a physical thing, but thunder is just a noise. Try and avoid getting hit by lightning by staying in cars, staying out of places abundant in water, and out of trees.

What causes muck fires?

=The cause of muck fires is called lignite, which burns when lightning hits it underground. They burn for weeks especially when hit by lightning.=

How does white oak trees move?

White oak trees are shorter and wider than most trees around them. By being wider, they shade out seedlings that would grow into taller trees and shade them out. By being shorter, they let lightning hit and kill the taller trees. Once the taller trees growing right around them die, others do not replace them. They are still short so that lightning hits other trees. Lightning hits those trees which are replaced.

When big buildings get hit by lighting strikes why don't they burn down?

Or technology is very advanced that the structures are reinforced internally. We also have lightning rods, which attracts lightning and is a safe way to prevent lightning strikes

Can a jet be hit by lightning?

Yes planes are frequently hit by lightning.

Why it is appropriate for the statue of Benjamin Franklin to be leaning on a tree that has been hit by lightning?

It was Franklin's study of the damages to trees and other tall objects that led to his invention of the lightning rod, to prevent building damage or fire from lightning strikes.

Why it is advised to take shelter under a tree during lighting?

It isn't. The advise is NOT to take shelter under a tree. Lightning tends to strike tall objects such as trees. A person standing near a tree that gets hit by lightning may be electrocuted. Trees may even explode when hit by lighting, which is another hazard.

What can be done to prevent lightning?

Nothing can "prevent" lightning, but you can take steps to avoid being hit. Remain indoors in a structure that has a well-grounded lightning rod. If outdoors, don't hide under trees. Try not to be the highest point in the area. If you are in an open field, lay down until the storm passes. Lightning will hit the highest point available.

I think my horse was hit by lightning how can you tell?

There would be burn marks all over the horse and the horse would be seriously injured/ dying.

Where does lightning occur geographically?

Anywhere, though it tends to hit objects that are closer to its point of origin (i.e. tall buildings, trees, etc.)

Where is the safest place to be if you are out hiking during a lightning storm?

Make sure you are not too close to metal or trees. If there was any water, don't get in it get as low as possible because the lightning will try to hit the highest thing around.

Does all lightning hit the ground?

No. There is cloud to cloud lightning.

Why does lightning hit trees?

Actually, all trees attract lightning. They are tall and usually filled with moisture, thus providing a good electrical conducting path for lightning. Every day, thousands of trees are hit by lightning throughout the world. Past studies of the kinds of trees struck are complicated. It depends on tree height, the variety of trees present, and soil conditions. Overall, the oak tree appears to be most vulnerable: "Beware the oak; it draws the stroke." Oaks tend to be taller than the surrounding trees, thus attracting the lightning. They also have a high moisture content, which increases their ability to conduct the surge of electricity. When a tree is hit be lightning, most of the electrical charge moves through the outer, growing portion of the tree. This intense current can instantly vaporize sap into steam. As a result, the tree may violently split or even explode. About half of all trees struck by lightning survive for the moment. However, they are often weakened and made susceptible to future disease. A target tree is better off if struck after it has been thoroughly soaked by rain. Much of the electrical charge is then able to move safely down the outside surface moisture instead of through the internal tree

What Should You Never Do In a Lightning storm?

Never stand under a tree, it can get hit by lightning, and you can get hit too!

Worst lightning storm in US history?

The worst lightning storm in US history hit Yellowstone National Park on June 22, 1988. A group of pine trees was hit by a lightning strike and because of the windy and dry conditions, set a huge blaze going. The fire burned until October of that year and destroyed 793,880 acres of the park.

Why it is not a good idea to stand outside in a thunderstorm and wait for lightning to strike?

There's a big chance you could get struck by lightning. Or hit by a tree that is hit by lightning.

How does lightning effect the plants around the area in which it has hit?

it can burn the plants and it can also give off harmful chemicals to the plant. It can also burn and die if it does not have special care to it's self. Wow... Lightning turns nitrogen into a usable form for human consumption through plants. Lightning converts the nitrogen in the air from a gaseous form to a usable form for plants. This process is called "fixation". It does not burn plants or cause harmful chemical reactions of any kind.

When is the appropriate time to stop playing golf baseball soccer or tennis during a thunderstorm?

Lightning will take the easiest path to get to the Earth. As soon as the thunderstorm approaches and / or you get wet from the rain you should go indoors. Do not shelter under trees as you can be hurt if the tree gets hit by lightning. There have been examples of people being hit by lightning when standing in their driveway during a thunderstorm.

Will you die if you get hit by lightning?

maybe. many people survive lightning strikes.

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