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Why do gums turn blue black?

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It may be for two reasons:1) your natural color of gums. or 2)from a Mercury filling (Silver filling). Mercury seeps under the gums and thus you see it dark pigmentation.

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Why do dogs gums to turn black?

Some dogs naturally have black gums, or gums with black spots. However, if a dog's gums suddenly turn black, this could be an indicator of illness and a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

Why have your 3 year old black labs gums turned black?

Black gums in dogs is not unusual, nor should it cause you to worry. Sometimes dogs have black patches on normally pink gums, but your only cause for concern should be if the gums turn blue or gray, indicating a lack of oxygen.

How do you get rid of blue black gums?

stop smoking that's how! and if you smoke then you wont get blue and black gums in the first place!

Why do dogs gums turn black?

Darkening of the gums is a symptom of congestive heart failure, the gums usually turn a dark purple more than "black".

Do black people have blue gums?


What happens if your gum turn black?

well if you already have blackish gums it wouldn't do anything but if you have pink gums and they turn black i don't know what that is.

What causes your gums to turn black?

usually a vitamin c deficiency

Why do childrens gums turn black?

i think that it turns black because alot of bacteria maybe

What breed of dog has black gums?

Chows and wolves typically have blue-black solid gum lines.

Why do you have black gums?

You can be allergic to the metal posts for false teeth and the gum will turn black from the metal allergy.

How can you tell if your gums are bruised?

Well, Yes, If You Fell Down And It Might Be Red A Bit, But If It Is Red,Blue,purple Or BLACK. Black Is The Most Bad Thing About it. If It Is, You Might Have Injured Gums.

What causes a dogs gums to turn black?

Plaque buildup or a bad tooth can cause the gums to change color. Although some dogs especially with dark pigment in their skin may develop black pigment in their gums which is totally normal.

Why are your dogs gums turning black?

Your dog is healthy if they have black gums. Healthy gums of a dog can be pink, black, or spotted.

Tongue and gums not pink in your dog?

Some dog breeds actually have black (or blue) tongues and gums. Ask your vet if the coloration in your dog is normal or not.

What does tobacco do to the teeth?

Makes them yellow your teath turn black, some fall out, and gums bleed

Are black gums healthy?

no they are smoker gums

What is the meanig of blue gums?

Blue gums means you need to brush your teeth more often.

Is your dog sick if his gums are turning black?

no its natural for a dogs gums to turn black some times they are born like that if it turns any other color other than pink or black then you have a problem then you should see your pets veterianarian ASAP.

Why is your gums black?

the reason your gums are black and not pink cause you are not brushing enough brush 3 time a day more of your gums

Why does gums turn white?

Gums may turn white because there is a lack of blood flow. This can cause numbness as well. Gums can also turn white due to gum disease.

Why does the gum turn black?

Hi, Blackness of the gums is due to melanin pigmentation, if it is generalised. Restorations of teeth basically silver amalgam restorations if it is overcountoured, impinging on gums also results in blackness of gums, but this would be only localised.

Why does a red t shirt turn black under a blue light?

red and blue makes black

What makes bruises turn black and blue?

Bruises turn black and blue do to bleeding under the skin. Bruises are caused by burst blood vessels under the skin, creating this illusion of black and blue when looking at the skin.

Why does silver nitrate turn blue?

Silver Nitrate does not turn blue - it turns purple-black and then black. It was the basis for early photography before the digital age.

What would cause my dogs gums to be black?

It is normal for some dogs to have black gums, some dogs have pink gums, and some have a mix of black and pink. It just depends on the genetics of your dog.