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Crossdressing has nothing to do with sexuality. 95% of cross dressers are heterosexual (similar to the percentage of the 'normal' population). People sometimes confuse it with sexuality because often homosexual males do it as an expression of their sexual freedom.

Some people crossdress at Halloween because it is a time when they can reveal a hidden desire without being judged. People who have wanted to crossdress for years (and do so privately in their own homes) feel Halloween is an opportunity to explore themselves in a safe enviroment


The great majority of cross dressers are normal heterosexual men. The reasons they cross dress vary, from minor (one article) to major (full time female mode), and few are gay.

The question asked about 'guys', which could be nearly any age. The youngest may just want to try it out. Teens may too, but could already be cross dressing.

But the answer is "Why not?" I doubt you'd find two identical explanations from those that do cross-dress.


it's just that it's fun as heck.


Halloween is a safe and fun time to experiment. Plus it really is fun. Also, girls clothes are cheap and plentiful, especially if you have female family members. It's a lot easier and cheaper to crossdress than to try to make your own gorilla suit. Don't read too much into it...after seeing broke back mountain, I'd be more concerned over dressing like a cowboy.

AnswerBecause he's a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And nylons and female accessories are easily available.
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2010-10-30 23:32:34
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Q: Why do guys cross-dress at Halloween?
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