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It is because guys dont see it everyday.

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Why do girls find guys attractive?

girls find guys attractive because it is someone to hold and cuddle gives girls what they want. :)

Why do guys find lesbians attractive?

because looking at to girls making out or just naked together is fun

What do guys find most attractive in girls?

It TOTALLY depends on the guy!

Do girls Find guys attricitive that has a chin dimple?

There are many girls that would find a guy with a chin dimple attractive.

What traits do guys find attractive from girls?

Though I am a girl i can say that different guys find different traits in girls attractive. please do not try to change for anyone because there is definitely a guy who loves the traits you have somewhere out there.

Do girls find guys attractive that have shape ups?

I guess not really attractive. Or what kind of shape ups do you mean?

Why are girls more attractive than guys?

in some cases guys are more attractive

What girls find attractive in guys?

Well I find the "comedy dude" attractive the most. Some like "bad boys", "shy guys", "sporty guys", "romantic guys", "talented guys", "lazy guys", "smart guys", "sensitive guys", there is just a lot that girls like. So they like their personality. They like looks, style, and lots of things.

What do girls find the most attractive?

Girls find long, clean hair attractive. They also think strength and fitness is attractive. They also like guys that smile and have nice eyes and ARE nice. Hope this Helps!

Do girls find guys who sag attractive?

not all but some do depends on the chick NO. DON'T DO IT.

Why do guys hit girls butt?

because its in their human nature to touch this they find attractive

Why don't guys like girls with glasses?

Different guys like different things. Some guys may not like girls with glasses, while other guys find it very attractive.

Do some girls get nervous around guys they find attractive?

Some girls do, but it is usually the guy who gets nervous around girls

Do Asian guys find white girls attractive?

yes they do find them attractive because Asia has wheat's or a bit fair complexion in majority. so they find white girls attractive as they are a bit different from those having fair or dark complexion.

Are guys less attractive to girls with braces?

It depends on the person, but usually girls are less attractive.

Do girls find guys more attractive when guys talk about their feelings?

Usually, because it means that you are being open with them and you trust them.

Do guys find girls who play sports attractive?

HECK YEA but only if your are not to tom boyish.

What do 17 year old girls find attractive?

Confidence. They don't like shy guys...

Why do girls find guys' eyes attractive?

Both girls and guys find certain eyes attractive, depending on their taste, and some do not. The attraction can be from shape and form or colour of the eye or from memory, like the eye being similar to a certain person that is important to them.

Why girls don't like guys that are not so attractive?

Because they are not so attractive, untill they become rich guys.

Do Black guys find accents attractive?

Black guys find a woman with an accent very attractive.

Why do guys find chubby girls attractive?

It really depends on the girls personality. Size doesn't matter to some guys which I don't think size should matter, the girl may have an attractive face but curves on her body, some guys like a girls curves -- I wouldnt say that guys were attracted to chubby girls, that they just liked their personality or other stuff, and some guys are attracted to more skinny girls

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