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because they 're jealous

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Why do guys find girls making out attractive?

It is because guys dont see it everyday.

Do guys like girls with tight shirts?

Some guys like girls with tight shirts; some guys like girls with baggy shirts; some guys like girls with large chests; some guys like girls with small chests; some guys don't like girls at all. You see, it's all a matter of personal taste and preference.

How do guys want girls to dress?

Guys like girls that wear a dress sometimes and we like to see a little bit

Why do guys get turned on when two girls male out?

Guys like girls, the shape of the bodies and softness of there lips. All things about them really. But guys do not like the shape of other guys. They dont get anything out of a guy and girl making out because the guy and girl still has a guy in the equation and a girl cant make out with herself. so therefore guys like it when the thing they like to see makes out with the other thing he likes to see.

Why Girls flirt with girls?

There is more than one to that question. Some girls are lesbians or bisexuals & flirt with girls because they like the girl they are flirting with or just for fun. Some girls, though, flirt with other girls to attract guys. They want guys to see them while they flirt with girls so that the guys will think it's hot. Most guys find two girls flirting (or more) to be a turn-on & because of this, some girls see this as a way to get the guys to like them, not realizing that their behavior is attracting the wrong kind of guy while smultaneously making themselves look bad.

What do guys like to see in girls?

smart, funny, and their smile :)

Do girls like to see guys butts?


Why do guys like to give girls wedgies?

they like them or they just want to see her but

Why do guys like it when girls make out with each other?

Because some guys see girls as sexual toys and seeing girls make out with each other and doing things that guys like done to them, excites them more.

What do guys see in girls?

Guys like it when your not fake. They will like you if you ALWAYS think positive and not always negative. Guys like funny girls and girls who can take a joke. And if a guy REALLY likes you, he will stick through with you no matter how hard the situation is. ♥

What do guys most like about girls?

Guys mainly look at the face then to see if they are athletic than smart

Do guys like to see girls bra straps?

i dont think so!but some guys like itboys toatly lovve it they wanna see all that they can

Why do girls like thongs?

Because girls think they look sexy and when they bend over some times guys look at girls butts and if the thong was there guys might see it and guys live for that stuff!

Do guys like it when girls ask them out?

It depends, there are some guys who like it when girls ask them out but there are also guys who prefer to do the asking and hate aggressive girls. So you really can't tell, try to get to know the guy first and see what kind of a guy he is.

Do girls like guys that have spiky hair?

It all depends on the girl(s) not all girls are the same so we all see guys differently some girls only like guys with spiky some girls dont at all it all depends on the girl really!!! :^)

What do guys like to see on girls?

well, there are two types of guys. Guys who only cares about on the outside, their beauty, their body, their style, and their face. And there are some guys who likes girls for who they are, like their personality, their attitude, and their dreams. You should be yourself and don't worry about what guys think of you.

Why do girls like putting makeup on guys?

Girls like putting makeup on guys. Cause they want too see what colors looks good on them or too practice putting on makeup

What girls do guys like?

Most girls think that all guys want to see is big boobs, and frankly most are right but guys to care about personality. Being attractive just helps.

Do guys like girls that where a lot of make up or just a little?

Yes and no. It depends on what the guy likes to see.A stud2y was done and it said that a majority of guys like girls without makeup

Why do guys like to be chased by girls?

well see it's easier for us guys when you chase us. also we tend to not like always having to do the chases while you get girls get to sit back and choose.put it this way why do you girls like being chased?

Why do girls like skinny jeans on guys?

They like to see if the guy has a good figure and if his legs are masculine.

Why do guys like to see Girls tied up?

bahaha, 'cause they're perves?

Why do girls show cleavage?

They do that so Guys can see that they like them and that they think they look HOT>

When a guy kisses a girl does he like her?

sometimes, but not usually, guys like to just make out with as many girls as they can..... they like to see how many girls will fall for them... some girls are the same way.

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