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Some guys like other guys because they either look like themselves, or the guy has certain physical features that are desired by the other person.

Sometimes for a guy to be with a guy means more understanding, because they are the same sex and know what the other person goes through, unlike a male to female relationship, which has more complicated issues such as menstrual cycle, being pregnant, and makeup / dresses.

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Can guys really fall in love?

Guys can fall in love. But guys can also feel lust toward people whom they do not really love.

Why do you love winter?

i love you guys

What is love according to guys?

Love for straight and gay guys is a sexual attraction and a pull.

Do guys love a woman's body?

yes every guy loves a woman's body because after all guys remain guys ..but if you have a boyfriend that loves you with true Love he will love you more than he will love your body =D

Where was Mama Mary born?

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tell her you'd love to guys dance with her

Do you guys have girls love you guys?

No, we buy them a dildo, and batteries. :-)

How do you act cute in front of guys?

Get naked. guys love it.

Why are guys always love leading girls on when they don't actually like them?

Guys use love to get sex and Girls use sex to get love!

Why do girls not like Asian American guys?

sex, strong guys, cute guys, and love

What does love mean to guys?

Depends on the guy. Some guys are dicks.

How many guys have kissed a woman's breast?

guys love to stare!

Do American girls love Latin guys?

- girls love charming guys, and stereotypically latin guys are charming. so it doesnt matter where your from, if your charming then girls will admire you.

Are blowjobs nasty?

It can depend...some girls (or guys) love to give them. Some do not. if the guys has not washed in a while then it can be nasty. All guys pretty much love to get them though.

Do guys love it when girls use their bare feet to trample them?

Guys love it when you do absolutely anything to them, especially if the you're naked

What guys do to let a girl feel he love her?

tell her that you love her

Do guys love girls more or do girls love guys more?

That seems impossible to answer because one can't know the others love for one because love is hard to describe

Can guys queef through there penis?

yes guys can queef and i love PENIS'

What do guys like in a kiss?


What do guys say when they want to ask a girl out?

Simply Ask Her Out. Girls Love Simple Guys Who Are Feel To Share There Emotions. and love

Why don't guys tell you they love you in public?

Guys dont tell you they love you in public because they care what other people say and they dont want to show other guys that they are weak!!!!!!!!!!

When girl realize particular guys loves him?

i love bieing in love

Why is love like war?

why is love like war love is like war cuz some people like the guys u like nd the guys like u and the is a war love war

How do you flirt with your boyfriend?

Be confident, If your shy, try to step out of your shell. Guys are guys and they love a flirt. Be really silly and fun with him. I bet he will love that. okokokok i love that ideal thanks

Are they possibilities to be in love even apart?

of cource as long as you guys stay in contact ,always .and i mean it guys .love u always .bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!