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Sex is important to humans. It can be very important in forming long term, healthy relationships. Variety isn't important to men but to women also. when sex becomes monotonous it can create a rut. This can create distance between the couple whether hetero or gay.

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Why do some guys want marriage quickly?

Some guys want to get married quickly because they want children and to have a close sexual relationship.

What is sexual pressure?

when guys wont leave you a lone about how they want to have sex with you and how you should do it

What physicalness do guys want from their girlfriend besides sexual stuff?

Ummm..... maybe just flirting things. Like holding hands or footsie. That's not too sexual

What do guys have in there bodys that girls don't have?

testosterone. Girls have more hormones. Both make the person want to have a sexual relationship.

What leads to the variety in offspring?

Sexual reproduction leads to variety in offspring.

What makes guys have erections?

Sexual arousal

What is love according to guys?

Love for straight and gay guys is a sexual attraction and a pull.

Why do 16 year old guys like getting in bed with girls?

An obvious question gets an obvious answer ! because they want to have a sexual relationship with them.

What does it mean when a guys says i would be all over you if i was there?

IT means the guy would probably want to engage in some sort of sexual activity.

If your sexual orientation was gay does it affect a guys puberty?

Sexual orientation and/or sexual practices, have absolutely no effect on pubertal development.

What are you if you like guys and girls in a sexual way but you like guys a little bit more?

you are a bisexual.

Do emos like guys?

If they are gay or bi-sexual

Is love real or just about sexual activity?

It can be real. But most guys just want to have sex and take advange of girls. But most love is real.

Advantage of sexual reproduction?

It increases genetic variety.

Is it true that Sexual reproduction leads to very little variety among organisms of the same species?

No, sexual reproduction increases variety among organisms of the same species.

Is it bad when a guys sticks his penis in a girls ass?

Please use sensible language. Anal sex is used when you want to have sexual intercourse, but you don't want to impregnate your partner. It is pleasurable to the partner.

Why do guys fake relationships?

Guys who fake relationships are immature people who are trying to get a sexual relationship, in my experience.

Where do guys meet Bi Sexual guys in Houston?

Im going to say, go to a gay bar.

Are most gay guys shorter than straight guys?

No, there is no correlation between height and sexual orientation.

What is one advantage of sexual reproduction?

It gives variety to offsprings. What is one advantage of sexual reproduction? How do you know? __________________________________________________________________________________

Would you get a variety of offspring traits during asexual or sexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction promotes variation.

Why do guys play with your hair?


Is a blue whale sexual?

only if its a boy and with other guys

What are the sexual orientations of the guys in One Direction?

They are all straight.

What is it called when you are interested in both guys and girls?

Bio sexual

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