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Don't talk about marriage or kids. In depends how old you and he are. If you are in your 20's then forget about it, he may come back to you later. If you are in your 30's, just have a baby and don't ask him (I am talking long term not one night stand). Men need to be led, and they usually are happy that they got there on their own terms (although us women know we were behind it all !). Guys usually withdraw from a love relationship because they feel it's getting too serious. Especially young men generally aren't ready to settle down, or some could be immature and love the "fun life" and want to continue to be free to do so. If the young woman starts talking about "taking their relationship to another level" or talks about marriage and how many children she wants, some young men will run for the hills and you won't see them for their dust. Even though a young man may run, in time, he may come around because he truly loves the girl and come back into her life. Sometimes not. Good luck Marcy Guys are simple, they are'nt very good with commitment. Or maybe he's just not that into you, because if he really loved you he would stay with you.

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Q: Why do guys withdraw from relationships even though they love the girl?
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