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Q: Why do hermit crabs live in sand?
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Can hermit crabs live on rocks?

Hermit crabs could live on rocks but is better suited with sand.

What crabs live in the sand?

hermit crabs i guess

Can Caribbean hermit crabs live in all types of sand?


Can hermit crabs live in mouse cages?

It would not be recommended to keep a hermit crab in a mouse cage. Hermit crabs require humidity and sand/soil to dig into.

Can sand crabs and hermit crabs live in the same tank?

Not without bringing about the end of the world.

How do you tell a hermit crab from a sand crab?

sand crabs have either a flat shell or no shell and hermit crabs always have a shell and plus a hermit crabs can tuck into their shells when a sand crab can't

What crabs can live with hermit crabs?

red clawed crabs can live with hermit crabs/

What are all the animals that live on the beach?

Crabs, birds , turtles , sand fleas , hermit crabs, sand dollars , and a lot of other animals in the sea to ;)

Do sand hermit crabs lay eggs?

Yes, female land hermit crabs lay eggs in the shallow depths of the sand.

Do hermit crabs live in sand?

sooowooo rep taylor gang or die foo

Do hermit crabs live underwater?

Some do, they are the marine hermit crabs and some live in land as land hermit crabs. In all their are about 800 types of hermit crabs and very few of those species live on land.

What are water hermit crabs?

Water hermit crabs, are simply hermit crabs that live and survive in water.

What type of hermit crabs live in aquariums?

land hermit crabs live in aquariums.

Can hermit crabs have sand?

pineapples can

Is aquariam sand suitable for hermit crabs?

It depends on the gauge. Hermit crabs don't tolerate powder fine sand, it needs to be sugar sized granules.

Can a goldfish live with a hermit crab?

if you're talking about land hermit crabs, then no; goldfish live n water, while hermit crabs live on land. if you're talking about marine hermit crabs, then I'm not sure

Does hermit crabs live in the sea?

it depends on the kind of hermit crab. marine hermit crabs spend their whole life in the sea, but land hermit crabs live on land near the sea.

What other creatures live in the hermit crabs habitat?

I think that shrimp live with the hermit crabs.

Do hermit crabs have to stay underwater all of its life?

nope! most people own hermit crabs and have them in tanks with sand.

Do dwarf zebra hermit crabs and blue hermit crabs live in water?

yes they do live underwater

Do hermit crabs live under water?

Marine hermit crabs live underwater and can sometimes be found in tidepools. Land hermit crabs do not live in the water but need fresh and salt water to survive.

Organisims that live on the beach?

SOme organisms that live on the beach are sand crabs, seagulls, other birds, hermit crabs, adn sometimes there are mussels buried deep down in the ground.

Can hermit crabs swim?

No, If they are land hermit crabs they can swim only for like 10 seconds.If they are water hermit crabs they live underwater

Where does a hermit live?

In the wild, land hermit crabs live in jungles, forests, and even gardens in warm areas. Water hermit crabs live in the warm oceans.

Do hermit crabs prefer rock or sand?

Hermit crabitats can have sand or coconut fibers, for they both are good for burying under.