Why do humans dream?

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humans dream because even though the human body is inactive the brain really doesn't rest and dreams help to keep it entertained when it focuses on your breathing and heart rate.

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Q: Why do humans dream?
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When did humans begin to dream?

Humans have always dreamed. Since we know that many animals dream, there is no reason to believe there was ever a stage in their evolution that humans did not dream.

How often do humans dream?

humans dream every 6 hours in there sleep in such notice as i think whenever you sleep or take a nap you dream , but you forget it afterwords.

Why do women dream?

They are also humans.........

Are humans just a dream of a giant?

Of corse not!

What do dogs dream about?

Dogs dream about anything, just like humans. Often I will catch my dog running or barking in his sleep.

Can living humans see ghosts?

No, living humans cannot see things which do not exist, they can only dream or imagine that they do.

Do dogs dream the same way humans do?

Unfortunately, no one knows...

Will the Dream of World Peace ever be realized and achieved?

Like in movies, "World Peace" is a dream, but unachievable among humans.

In A Midsummer Night's Dream What does Puck think of humans?

"Lord, what fools these mortals be."

Can ants dream?

Yes, they can. In fact, they sleep 2 hours at a time, several times a day, so they actually dream more often than we humans do.

Is there any planet other than earth where animals like humans exit?

Maybe, in our dream...

What if you dream about humans with lambs heads?

The dream reflects your own perception of other people. The dream illustrates your feeling that these other people are foolish sheep who are following a leader without rational thought or intelligence of their own.

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