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Why do hurricanes happen?

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Hurricanes happen every year.

About 15 hurricanes happen in just one year.

Most happen around the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes happen in hotter countries like Miami.

Hurricanes are deadly and dangerous natural disasters. The majority of hurricanes happen the Atlantic Ocean where they are typically named.

Hurricanes mostly happen in the SouthEast,East,SouthWest,or the West. the reason why they do is that Hurricanes have to happen in big bodies of water. In other words the ocean.

No. Hurricanes can only happen in coastal areas with warmer climates.

Hurricanes happen every year.

Hurricanes happen over hot water ... which is found close to the equator.

Yes, hurricanes were predicted for 2010. Hurricanes happen every year.

Yes, hurricanes are a tropical oceanic phenomenon.

No. Hurricanes only happen when the ocean is close

Hurricanes don't happen in a forest they only happen over water.

Hurricanes happen in the southern US because there are no mountains to cover the powerful cyclone.

There are hurricanes in the UK. They are not on the same scale as ones in other parts of the world, but they do happen.

Hurricanes can happen in any were with warm water, so their is a slight chance one could happen in the warmer regions of Europe.

NOAA has an online chart showing hurricanes from 1851 to 2000s.

Sort of. The only difference is there "hurricanes" are called typhoons.

No. Idaho is too far inland to get hurricanes.

Hurricanes cannot happen in polar regions

None. Kansas is too far inland to get hurricanes.

Hurricanes can hit Boston, though such an even is fairly rare.

Places that hurricanes can happen at include areas around the oceans. Florida, the Bahamas, and New Jersey are subject to hurricanes.

Hurricanes are most likely to occur over the ocean in the tropics.

from everything i have read, hurricanes are not able to be prevented. They happen according to nature and not people.

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