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Your fat

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Q: Why do i get a pain on my hip when I'm pregnant?
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If Im 3 cm dilated and having back pain and hip pain how soon will labor happen?

Actually you are in the Latent phase of labor.

8 weeks pregnant can you have back pain already?

Im having back pain and I just turned 8 weeks! As I get bigger im sure it will be worse!

What are some homeopathic remedies for hip pain?

Several useful websites have tips on how to prevent and treat hip pain without medication. These include: and

Causes of groin pain?

Chronic groin pain can be a symptom of hip degeneration even in the absence of hip pain.

Lower Adominal pain does mean im pregnant?

No. You wouldn't have any pain. You'd probably have dizziness or fainting after you miss your period.

What are the medications that can be used for hip pain?

Hip pain is a very common pain that can be easily treated with over the counter medicines. Tylenol, Advil and Motrin are very effective in helping with hip pain.

What is a pain in your hip?

Pain in your hip can be due to a number of medical conditions and injury. Some of the most common causes of hip pain include arthritis, bursitis, and infection.

What causes you to have pain below your left hip it feels like a dull pain?

what causes you to have pain below your left hip

Hello.. Im 5 months pregnant. Im having alot of pain on my left side of my mouth. Would i be able to get my wisdom teeth remove while im pregnant?

Doctors are reluctant to give medication to pregnant mothers for fear of passing on anything to the baby. But if the pain is unbearable they will take it out for the poison in the infected tooth can travel down to the baby.

What is the pain in my hip and leg?

Pain in the hips could be a number of issues including, but not limited to; Snapping Hip Syndrome or Iliotobial Band syndrome. Another issue that could be causing hip pain would be a hip stress fracture.

What are some possible causes for hip pain?

There are several causes for hip pain. Usually it means you stretched your muscles or tendons around your hip area.

Should hip pain be assessed by a doctor when it is initially felt?

When feeling pain in one's hip, most people take a wait and see approach, in the hope they will feel better and the pain will go away. If hip pain does not go away and it is persistent, one must see a doctor to assess their hip pain.

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