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The insurance companies should not have charged for change of address, which is part of their rendering service to the customers. In India, the insurance companies do not charge anything for the above service, though I am not aware if US insurance companies are charging for this trifle job or not !

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โˆ™ 2012-07-19 09:45:21
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Q: Why do insurance companies charge for change of address?
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Can you have multiple addresses on car insurance?

You can have two addresses, mailing address and garaging address. The garaging address cannot be a post office box. Insurance companies charge you based on the garaging address of the vehicle, not your mailing address.

Why are musicians banned from car insurance?

They are not. Though many insurance companies charge them higher premiums.

What insurance companies offer unoccupied insurance?

Not all major insurance companies offer unoccupied insurance. Those that do will charge a hefty premium. Contact an agent to discuss options and obtain quotes.

Do health insurance companies charge more money to people with heart issues?

When somebody has an existing medical condition that is serious, such as cancer or heart disease, then health insurance companies will generally charge more for premiums.

Is Blue Cross having to change their policies because of the Health plan Congress passed?

"Yes, all insurance companies are having to conform to the new Health care plan. Although companies are changing policies (like not allowing caps on insurance), the insurance companies are beginning to charge more for premiums to make up for the higher costs."

Can insurance companies charge for a child who is eighteen but does not drive?

You don't need to have them on car insurance even if he is in the household, if he is not driving your vehicles.

Does the state of Indiana require insurance companies to replace cracked windshields free of charge?


Is there a deductible on comprehensive auto insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies do have a deductible for this kind of insurance. Most deductibles are 500. This can be a normal charge for a deductible.

What is the average cost of auto insurance?

No true averages because each state sets it's own insurance standards for the insurance companies to charge.

Who do insurance companies have to answer to?

They typically answer to their respective state's department of insurance. Just like the FDA keeps tabs on drugs companies, the same goes for a department of insurance. They take complaints, investigate them, and make sure insurance companies don't get out of hand or charge too much to their consumers.

Can auto insurance companies charge you based on your credit report and not your driving record?

Auto insurance companies do not chrge you on the status of your credit report. They only look at your driving history.

How do you get insurance premium?

I need your question too be a little more in depth. Are you asking how insurance companies come up with the rate they charge.

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