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By drilling holes, the envelopes are able to get past some US Postal codes for regulations. If the envelope is totally closed, it fits into these codes and violates the law. i.e. Should be managed and/or regulated by the US Postal Service. The other common answers also make sense. The holes drilled in the envelope allows you to see if the envelope contains anything, without having to untie the string to look inside.


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Reusable large envelopes usually with string ties. Often has a series of punched holes so recipient knows that envelope contains material.

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You should consult an attorney for the best information. But it seems that it certainly would not be a federal offense unless "interoffice" mail is handled by the US Postal Service. Ordinary interoffice mail is handled by employees who carry it from site to site within a company. Anyone who puts sensitive materials into the interoffice system is probably asking for trouble. On the other hand, company policies and procedures probably strictly prohibit this kind of intrusion, and if it can be proven it would, and should lead to some kind of disciplinary action. Doing this kind of thing intentionally really is outrageous.

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