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Leprechauns hide so we don't steal their gold or their luck.

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What kind of treasure do leprechauns hide from people?

Legend has it Leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of rainbows.

Where do leprechauns hide?

Leprechauns aren't real, but in stories, they hide underground.

Where do leprechauns like to hide in houses?

Because there are not used to people.

Where do leprechauns like to hide there gold?

Leprechauns love to hide their gold at the end of rainbows.

Why do leprechauns hide their treasure at the end of a rainbow?

Because if it was in the middle people would be able to see it

Where do leprechauns hide in houses?

They hide under couches and places where it is to dark to see.

Do leprechauns hide in small places?

If leprechauns were real, they could wherever they wanted, because they have magical powers.

Where do leprechauns hide inside your house?

they hide in toothbrushes, so be careful, they may bite you

Where do leprechauns hide their treasures?

in a pot at the end of a rainbow

Why do leprechauns hide in the clover?

Because a blanket is too expensive

Who are the people who have seen leprechauns?

There are not any people that have seen leprechauns. Leprechauns are fictional characters. Leprechauns are fictional characters that are from Ireland. Many people relate them to Saint Patrick's Day.

Are leprechauns nice?

In the stories, leprechauns were tricky people.

Why did leprechauns wear green?

They wear green to hide better in keeping you from their gold.

Have people caught any leprechauns before?

No, leprechauns are fictional.

Do leprechauns like people?

kind of leprechauns aren't afraid of people they just don't like them.

What do leprechauns have to do with Ireland?

Leprechauns are the mythological fairies or "Little People" of Ireland.

What do the leprechauns do after dark?

Get ready for St. Patrick's day, get balloons, hide the gold, and get a cake.

Do leprechauns live in the backyards of some people?

No. Leprechauns are creatures of myth and fiction.

Why do leprechauns hid there gold at the end of the rainbow?

they hide them , because no one can find the end of the rainbow.

Do leprechauns hide their treasure at the end of a rainbow?

Of course! Why wouldn't they? It is an ingenious place to hide treasure because of the excellent optical illusion that rainbows are themselves an optical illusion when in fact they do have a definitive beginning and end. Leprechauns have adapted to this technique due to excessive pot o' gold robberies.

Where do leprechauns usually hide?

Leprechauns were very good at hiding. If a human found their gold and marked where it was, the lepechauns would mark a million more places so that the human would never be able to get the gold.

What percentage of people are leprechauns?

0%, people can’t turn into leprechauns, although leprechauns ARE REAL but not the evil ones ☺️☺️😊😊☺️☺️😊😊😇😇🙂🙂😇😇🙂🙂

Why do leprechauns keep their gold from people?

Leprechauns keep there gold from people because they think its there gold and that they earned it and to get there gold we have to earn it. I think that's a good tecnique.

Can leprechauns be in BC?

Leprechauns (Mythical miniature people) in the cartoon BC Yes they could if the writers and artists that do BC wanted them.

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