Why do men become attracted to some women?

This and its obverse are probably the world's oldest questions; in their way, sort of related to the world's oldest profession. And there still is no real answer. I will give you my opinion. I have had enough men of interest to have created a wall of jealousy throughout too many of my closest friends and relations, so my opinion may be somewhat valid. It took me years to realize what I now believe. Most women are certain there is nothing beyond physical attractiveness that will draw men to them. I have been fairly attractive in my life--although never thin--so, I suppose, this is part of the equation. What constitutes physical attractiveness, however, is an interesting question in itself. Since different cultures value different qualities, one cannot with any assurance believe this is biologically based. Most of my paramours would describe me, the person I suppose I know best, as being constructed entirely of secondary sex characteristics, so I suppose that would be my calling card. But, perhaps, not my drawing card. After all these years and a self-concept that often fell right into whatever lies beneath the sewer, my best guess is that what draws men to women is self-confidence. And perhaps femininity, and perhaps having some sort of je ne sais quoi, some defining difference. Do all of these things need to be real? Only partly, I think. What passed for self-confidence with me was a painful shyness that people misinterpreted as stand-offishness. Why anyone would want someone who they thought might condescend to them I leave to a better guesser than myself. Sans time and space constraints I could give you a decent analysis, but this is neither the space nor the time for that. Personally, I would say something that may sound silly. Put your best feet forward and believe in yourself. Or do as my mother used to say: Act as if. This, I am almost positive, being your best self and having a belief in that best self is what is most attractive to people in general.