Why do men have beards?

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men are able to grow beards due to a hormone released at the base of the man's penis. this hormone stimulates hair follicles in the facial area and enables a beard to grow.
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Why don't all men grow beards?

Its just a matter of choice. Some men like to grow beards, while others do not. Well if we all had beards you wouldn't be able to tell us appart.

Why do some Irish men have blonde hair and red beards?

Because they are probably carrying one copy of the red-hair gene. Called MC1R, it is commonly found in Ireland and Scotland. People who have two copies of this gene are redheads; people who carry just one copy have blonde/brunnette hair and reddish beards.

How do you get a beard?

Just don't shave. If nothing grows, then it's not in your genes or there is some other medical problem. Well the same problem was with one of my friend, I suggested him not to shave for couple of months. Later on he is getting a nice beard and he applied some lotions too as doctor has suggested hi ( Full Answer )

Bible and beards?

Leviticus chapter 13 verse 29 and 30. chapter 14 verse 19. chapter 19 verse 27. chapter 21 verse 5. 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 35. chapter 21 verse 13. 2 Samuel chapter 10 verse 4. chapter 10 verse 5. chapter 19 verse 24. chapter 20 verse 9. Ezra chapter 9 verse 3. Psalm chapter 133 verse ( Full Answer )

Why do Amish men have beards?

Even they don't know.. Only married Amish men have beards, but no moustaches. Beards are considered a symbol of age and wisdom.

Why do Sikh men grow a beard?

1. In Sikhism, it is forbidden to trim hair from any part of the body (including Beard). It was an order of the Sikh's Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh to follow the 5K's(5 Mandatory Rules), and untrimmed Hair & Beard is one those. Moreover, Sikhs believe in Physical & Spiritual Purity.\n \n\n2. Sik ( Full Answer )

Why do all the Sikhism gurus are men and have beards?

Why do Western Sikh women wear turbans, when most Indian women do not? Thus, all hair is maintained, uncut, and untrimmed and if necessary die in support of, the Teachings of the Sikh Gurus and the Siri Guru To put it simply, men have a beard to give a protective energy field around the face, women ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of beard?

The most common method would be to shave. If you're looking for a more permanent method, there are various depilation(hair removal) techniques. It's possible to hit the hair follicles(the pits that the hair grow out of) with either laser or electricity, which stops them from ever growing hair again. ( Full Answer )

Can Filipino men grow full beards?

Yes. I'm full blooded pinoy born and raised in the Phil. and I sport a full beard. I noticed, however, that most pinoys are unable to grow full beards though I've seen several prominent showbiz pinoys as well as some of my friends who are also 100% pinoys who have "spotty beards." These are the type ( Full Answer )

Why did Peter the Great oppose beards on Russian men and what other steps did he take to change their outward appearance?

Tsar Peter I (or Peter the Great) wanted Russian men to look more like others in western society. At that time, in the 17th-18th century, men in Western Europe and the Americas were removing their beards and mustaches and opting for a different style of dress. First the tsar insisted that men wear E ( Full Answer )

Bones in bearded dragon beard?

There are no bones in a beardie's beard. The beard is a flap of skin that they fill with air to get their point across.

When do you get your beard?

Most guys start growing facial hair around the age of 14 or whenever you hit puberty

How do you have a beard?

You have a beard by having hair on your face. Now, for some people this comes naturally with time. Hair will start appearing on your face usually around the age of thirteen- though sometimes it happens sooner, or later. But not everyone gets hair on their face naturally, and for those people, mor ( Full Answer )

Why do Muslim men have beards?

Some Muslims believe that it is compulsory to have a beard. Others believe it is only recommended.

Do bearded men shampoo their beards?

Well technically it is hair, so yeah I do suppose that they would shampoo their beard... it has to get clean some how.. doesn't it?

Why do men in Gloucester Massachusetts grow beards?

They grow beards to keep warm in the harsh, cold winters. Some use their beards as "flavor-savers". Others grow them to cover up their hair-lips, or scars from bear-attacks.

Why do Jewish men have beards?

Leviticus 19:27 - "You shall not round off the side-growth of yourheads nor destroy the edges of your beard." Many Jews have voluntarily taken upon themselves a stringentinterpretation of the above verse, according to which the beardisn't shaved, or is trimmed but not shaved completely. As such,man ( Full Answer )

Why are girlfriends of gay men called beards?

A beard is something that makes a man look like a man. So if a gayman is closeted, and he has a girlfriend, then that's the thing(supposedly) that makes him look like a "man".

Why do some men have no beard?

nearly all men grow beards naturally. most of those men choose to cut some or all of it off with a razor. left alone, a beard will continue to grow throughout life. Because they are too young Probably, look at how old they are Except that I'm 14 and have a beard growing... Its funny how were argu ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of the beard on a bearded dragon?

There really isn't a purpose. They sometimes show their moods, with their beard though. If it is black, they are tryng to cool off, or if it's "Mating season" , they may act that way very often.

Why men have beards and women do not have?

Evolution and selective pressure. In this case, it was most likely that men found women without less hair to be more attractive, while it wasn't as big of a deal for men. It may also have been that less hair was more cleanly, so they were less likely to die of disease before having children. Since ( Full Answer )

How can your child get a beard?

Kids start to get facial hair around the age of 14. They can start to grow a full beard around 18. But everyone's different, and it depends on the kid's hormones.

Why do lizards have beards?

because when they migrate north to Hawaii its so cold up there and they need tp have beards to grow but nah sike what kind of question is that

Why do rabbis have beards?

Traditional Answer: Many Orthodox Rabbis do not shave their faces because the Torah specifies that men are to not shave the 'corners' of their head. So that they don't accidentally violate this mitzvah, they don't shave their faces at all. There are some Orthodox Rabbis that remove or shape their ( Full Answer )

Why did men wear a false beard?

They might have thought it was cool back then. They just might have wanted a funky beard. lol

Why does a bearded dragon have a beard?

Bearded dragons have a beard for a defensive threat display. When threatened they puff up their beard, so that it comes out to make it look bigger. It also opens its mouth and hisses. The threat is rarely seen in captivity.

How big is a bearded dragon beard?

Adult bearded dragons are a average of 15 to 24 inches in length, while hatchlings are between 3 to 4 inches at birth. Hope I helped xx

Is a beard useful in any way to men?

It keeps their face warm in the winter . It catches crumbs . It cuts down on razor nicks . It hides a double-chin . It can hide a small or weak chin or jawline . It may attract partners . It may attract insects

Does gals like beard men?

Some do, some don't. As a beard wearer for many, many years I can say that there are many women who enjoy the look and feel of beards,

What is a lambchop beard?

You're confusing the word lamb with mutton. Large sideburns are called mutton chomps, mutton is also used to describe a type of lamb. The confusion is common. This article describes the difference of the two. When referred to a man's facial hair, it is always called mutton.

What is a beard ape?

The lion tailed macaque that is found in the rainforest in south India western ghats

Why do the men wear beards in Islam?

as muslim women have physical hijab (the headscarf), so do the men (keeping of their beards). Hijab is compulsory on both genders, but the individual chooses when he/she wears it. No one can be forced. Hijab is worn in order to please Allah (God), and to guide their modesty and preserve themselves f ( Full Answer )

Are men with beards evil?

Not all of them are my social studies teacher has a beard and he's not evil and his beard is awesome

Why do bearded dragons put their beards out?

beardies put their beard out sometimes to display aggression if there is another male or just something as simple as picking it up the wrong way. but the cool thing about beardies is that when it is about to rain out they can sense the drop in temperature and they stick their beards out but if you k ( Full Answer )

Why a men have not beard or moustach?

Personal choice ! Many men choose to shave all their facial hair, while others (myself included) choose to have just a moustache, or a beard (or both !)

Why did the Nazi soldiers cut the beards of Jewish men?

To harass and dishonor them. Shaving is forbidden in judaism, and some jewish men with beards have pe'ots(sidelocks), which are traditionally connected with the religion. These are forbidden for jews to cut off, especially for a jew in the orthodox direction.

Why do Indian men grow their mustaches first then their beards?

Assuming this is "men in India growing hair deliberately", then it may be done for cultural or religious reasons. As a generalization on the hair-growth patterns of various ethnic groups, it would have to be due to inherited traits within the general population.

Did all Greek men have beards?

No they didn't. Many ancient Greeks did have beards though (like Plato and Socrates), but a beard was a status symbol. Nice clean up of the untidy answer!

Why do Muslim women cover their head and men grow a beard?

Actually, both Orthodox Jewish and religious Muslim women cover their heads; this is a middle-eastern custom that historically was meant to show both modesty and respect for God (Allah), the One who is above you. Since the hair was regarded as sexual in some cultures, women who wanted to show they w ( Full Answer )

Why don't Jewish men shave their beards?

Many do, and many do not. Among those who don't, some trim their beards and some don't. Those who grow a beard are doing so as a voluntarily stringent interpretation of the Torah's prohibition of shaving the corners of the beard with a razor blade.