Why do men have penises but women do not?


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Men and women have different types of genitalia so they can complement each other and reproduction (having babies) can occur.


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men have penises, women have vaginas.

Because men have Penises... period.

Bigger men, dont have to try as hard.

Ask your mom, and maybe she can tell you

Black men can have large penises

Men think with their penises, and Women don't. Catch my drift?

No, lesbians are women and don't have penises.

So that men will give them diamonds and promise to marry them.

No, women do not have penises. Women have vaginas.

There's no number on how many men who have changed legally into women but without having the final operation yet (or ever).

No, there are men with larger penises than others. However, has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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Your penis is usually in proportion to your height, but there are always exceptions. You can't say ALL short men have smaller penises, but some do. On the other hand, some short men have long penises.

Yes, however for most men, it's only their own penis that they like. For gay and bisexual men, their interests in penises are broader.

Women have vaginas instead of penises.

Most men will not get angry. Sometimes men will think with their penises rather than their head. Men don't always think of the consequences of their actions. Sometimes are women are the same way.

Most women like all penises, regardless of whether they are circumcised or uncircumcised. Since the vast majority of men in the world are uncircumcised, most women have never encountered a circumcised penis so they are used to uncircumcised.

Men's bodies are different than women's, we all know this, but when it comes to love, men and women are opposites. Women feel love with their heart and soul. They love attention and gifts. Men feel love through their penises.

Men chopped off their penises as a ritual while women kept them as a charm.

Yes, Studies even show that Asian women are the highest users of dildos/sexual toys.

In every ethnicity there are big penises and small ones too.

All men have penises (gay or straight).

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In North America women probably prefer circumcised penises because that is what they are more used to. Most men are circumcised in North America. However, in the rest of the world circumcism is mroe rare.

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