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Why do men like breasts?

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Men like breasts for a variety of reasons, both subconscious and conscious. They are aesthetically pleasing, they are a sign of fertility and they are just generally nice.

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AnswerIt is part of the natural sex drive. Most (not all) guys are drawn to what represents a sexually healthy female. It is a hard wired as part of the instinctual human need to reproduce.


It probably has something to do with a subconscious love that comes from them being a food source for some babies.


Guys are visually stimulated and since the breast are often thought of as a sexual item it stimulates guys.


In our society they are slightly forbidden so that makes them exciting. They simply look great on a girl.


Simply because they're part of what makes up attraction towards a girl. Looking at them is just enjoyable for most men. Touching them is connected to enjoyment in several different ways. There may be an instinct to touch things that look nice or, in case of stroking and caressing them, finding pleasure in the intimacy and in giving pleasure to the girl.

The main reason is that if you have big breast some guys cannot stop looking at them right? Well the reason is that they get turned on easily from looking at them because they know if they get a chance to have sex with you they will want to do more than just stare.


Some people think it has to do with being breast fed as infants, they find them comforting as it reminds them of their mother's nursing. However, this doesn't exactly hold up since not all infants are breastfed. It's probably more instinct than anything.

Some say it is mostly aesthetic appeal. Just like girls tend to prefer their men with some muscular definition because it is more interesting, men tend to prefer women with breasts because it is more interesting. Personally, I think that it's more because men don't have breasts. Since they lack them, they find them more interesting.

There may also be a latent anthropological factor in that breasts may be an indicator of a woman's ability to provide for a newborn baby.


The reason men like to look at and touch women's breasts is very simple, and is to do with our survival instincts.

Breasts are a secondary sexual characteristic of human females: that is, they aren't essential to reproduction but they play a part in distinguishing between the appearance of the sexes, and so are important in attracting a mate. Men's extra height, heavier build, beards and body hair play a similar role.

Animals look for signs that a potential mate will breed successfully: in women, breasts and wider hips are features which indicate a woman is ready and equipped for childbearing. Naturally-produced scents also signal to both sexes that the potential partner is healthy and ready for breeding. This isn't some ancient precursor to modern sexual attraction: it is sexual attraction; it has never changed.

There's no point, as far as any species is concerned, in taking a mate who cannot reproduce or doesn't appear likely to live long enough to raise young, so all animals - not just humans - as they mature, develop ways to indicate they are a good investment in the future of the species.

As cultures become more sophisticated - and this goes back to the earliest days of mankind - people devise ways to enhance their secondary sexual characteristics; to make themselves appear more attractive, more noticeable, to a potential mate.

It's that simple.

It is because they represent sex. A few of guy's have said...

1. Taste good.

2. Fun to Squeeze.

3. They bounce when girls run.

4. It make them think about sex

5. Guys instinct

They might not be the only reasons.

Breasts are a part of what makes up a guy's attraction towards a girl. Looking at them is just enjoyable for most men. Touching them is connected to enjoyment in several different ways. Those can be for example simply calming the urge to touch things that look nice or, in case of stroking and caressing them, finding pleasure in the intimacy and in giving pleasure to the girl.

Answer- Subconscious jealousy that they don't have it.

- Genetic program in the man's mind to allow for reproduction.

- It is awesome to them.

You get a sexual feeling on how they look and they sometimes like to drink milk.
Men have their fetishes just like everyone else, and some men like boobs.
Because they compliment the beauty of the female being...or is it because they are just awesome ( they look good and feel even better ).

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Why do some men want to grow breasts like women

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It is because of sexual hormones in the brain.

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Why do men like huge breasts, just because. there is no explanation, it's just how it is.

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