Why do men love woman?

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Men have been trying to answer this question ever since women were invented.

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Do men love other men?

I certainly believe so. I am a woman and I love another woman.

Can men love an obese woman?

Men can love an obese woman, and indeed, there are some men who prefer obese women.

Why Men Does Get Married?

Why do men gets married is a good question. They are in love, they don't want to loose the woman his in love with. And he wants to have a family from this woman..

Can a woman love two men at the same time?

Yes!!of course a woman can!!

What is the meaning of inflaming men with love?

Making men hot with desire for a woman

What do woman really want from men?

A man's love for her.

Is Pisces men and Virgo woman a love match?


Does woman like to see nude chest of men?

I love it!

Do men hit on women they love?

Yes, but they also hit on women that they don't love. It differs from man to man and woman to woman.

What percentage of men are misogynists?

I would have to say the percentage is low as men generally love woman.

Why man bite woman ear?

because the men love the women.

How does men show affection?

by doing thing for the woman they love men are not emotional sowers. their show their love by acts of love such as cleaning the kitchen taking the kids for the day etc.

Who of woman died for men in the name of love?

There have been many women who have died for men in the name of love. These women have been the subjects of many books.

Is romantic love true love?

Romantic love does not always mean that the love is true. Some men will try to be romantic to simply get a woman in bed. Of course there are those men in the world that are romantic and there love is true.

Is it normal for a woman to love 2 men?

It can be normal, if that's the way the woman feels. Its not wrong, just unusual

Why do men refuse to understand the woman they claim to love?

because they don't like her.

What is 14 minutes to 5 in the afternoon?

All of you guys love men or woman

Do men ever fall in love with a woman who is cheating on her husband?

Yes, sometimes they do.

Why do so many black men not know when they are loved by a good black woman?

Because they don't know the qualities and nature of love from a black woman. You have to know the nature of love from a black woman.

Can two girls fall in love?

Yes, they can fall in love, just like two men or a man and a woman.

Why do men love to play mind controlling games on the woman they say they love?

Men try to test you and see how strong of a woman you are if he finds that your weak and he can play with your mind he will so dont let a man make you out of his puppet on strings.

Does your husband love you after he stops cheating on you?

I believe most men still love their wife while cheating and still do if caught. Most men cheat for the adventure and not for love while some are trapped by a woman that wants them. B: Married men are different, they have their own reason to what they are doing. There are some husband that do still love their wife even he stop having an affair. And there are who also love their wife but at the same time fall in love with the other woman they are seeing. In my own opinion a man who loves his wife will never hurt her or even destroy what they build together. There are some married men who falls out of love that is why he start looking for another woman that he thinks can love him and for him to love her. And there are some married men who loves the wife and still find another woman to love because of his ego. If it can be done no one is a winner here, especially if there's children involve.

What percent of men make love to their woman?

1% of horny men plus CHUCK NORRIS equals 100%. So there you have it. :)

Why do men cheat with the same women?

A: If your asking about married men, quite simple really they probably fell in love with the woman that they had an affair with. And if he can go back, he will pick the same woman because of the emotional connection he had with that woman.

Why are some men including married man easily to fall in love?

It is easy for men and even married men to fall in love because they are enamored by a woman. This may be due to her looks or her overall personality.