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To avoid pregnancy.

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Why men withdraw?

it is not always so. Most of the men don't withdraw while only a few do. Personality difference.

Why do man withdraw after the woman reciprocrate in a relationship?

I'll tell you why alot of men are afraid of committment so when a woman gets all deep he feels its in his best interest to RUN!!!

How were men and woman treated differently in ancient Egypt?

Men are woman

Who cheats more men or woman?


What do you call a woman who dates both men and woman?

A woman who is interested in men and other woman romantically/sexually is bisexual.

Is cologne for men or woman?

Cologne is for men and Perfume is for women.

Lung cancer percentages with men and woman?

65% men 35% woman

Norway men and woman right to vote?

men and woman can vote at the age of 18

Who lives longer men or woman?


Why are there separate entrances for men and women in mosques?

because men and woman are supposed to be seperated. woman are not supposed to be seen by the men.

Can men love an obese woman?

Men can love an obese woman, and indeed, there are some men who prefer obese women.

What is a sentence using the word withdraw?

The general noticed that his soldiers were beginning to lose the battle, so he attempted to withdraw his men before he lost any more of them.

Do men love other men?

I certainly believe so. I am a woman and I love another woman.

Why did russia withdraw from war in 1917?

Because they had lost well over a million men.

Do woman like men to dress as woman?

ummm... NO

What is a woman called who has sex with numerious men?

A woman.

Do men or woman belong in the kitchen?

no, woman excel in the kitchen while men get real work done

Are all men autistic more then woman?

No, not all men are autistic more then woman. very rare...

Can woman do everything men can?


Why do men and woman compete in different events for gymnastics?

Woman more oftenly are fleible as men are more about strength

What do men hate in a woman?

Men hate that women are smarter then them!

Do men or woman have more red blood cells?


Do men have less ribs than woman?

yes the they do cause woman have one more rib than men. BEYOTCH!

Do Women Find Disabled Men Attractive?

That all depends on the woman. Each woman carries her own preference in men.

Why do men think they are better than woman at sports?

Men are better than woman at sports because they have more stamina than woman and also more energy.