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cuz girls can get REOW !

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Q: Why do mothers verbally abuse their daughters?
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Do daughters love their mothers more than mothers love their daughters?

There is no single answer. Some mothers are very loving and some mothers are cold. Same with their daughters.

Melvin Brown is a liar who verbally abuse ladies?

Melvin is a liar who verbally abuse ladies?"What should one do?

What has the author Signe Hammer written?

Signe Hammer has written: 'Passionate attachments' -- subject(s): Fathers and daughters 'Tochter und mutter' 'Daughters and mothers: mothers and daughters' -- subject(s): Mothers and daughters

Is it wrong for a parent to verbally abuse a child?

Yes, it is wrong for a parent to verbally abuse a child. If you or someone you know is doing this, please get professional help.

Where can mothers take their daughters?

Mothers can take their daughters to the zoo, swimming pool, gym, skating rink, and concerts.

Why Are Daughters so disrespectful To their mothers?

Because mothers are mostly attached to their here sons and daughters feel unloved

Can parole officer verbally abuse a parolee And if they do how much trouble can a parolee get into if the parolee does the same?

It's probably not a good idea to verbally abuse your parole officer. Just take it (his or her verbal abuse) and do what you're supposed to do.

Why do mothers love daughters so much?

they were a daughters at 1 point.

Is it illegal to verbally abuse a man?

No, it is not illegal to verbally abuse a man, but if the man was smart he would leave. Verbal abuse can leave just as many scars for a victim as physical abuse. There are programs for abused men that they should attend and learn tools in order to get out of the verbally abusive situation. Example: If a wife is verbally abusing her husband and he decides to divorce her and he can prove she is verbally abusing him then the court could press charges against her (highly unlikely) but you would be granted a divorce.

Why does your husband abuse you verbally and mentally?

Because he hates you<3

What has the author Vivien E Nice written?

Vivien E. Nice has written: 'Mothers and daughters' -- subject(s): Mothers and daughters

What are the ratings and certificates for Mothers and Daughters - 2006 II?

Mothers and Daughters - 2006 II is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

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