Why do narcissists commonly end love relationships and platonic friendships so abruptly and do not contact you ever again?

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because they are afraid to return the love given to them  That's how they deal with things. They compartamentalize. They can't and don't want to deal with the emotions that normal people can handle, so they've programmed their brain to abruptly end relationships and do something else entirely--something that is another form of narcissitic supply.  My ex N, when our relationship ended, he watched me but never spoke to me again. He did drastic things to avoid contact and never give me closure. He would even trick me into thinking he wanted to talk. Then running when I tried. They are ridiculous people.  Yes my ex did the same! Why do they pretend they want to talk then avoid it and wont give you closure when they know you just want away from them?  My understanding is that as soon as you stop providing the constant narcissistic supply they need, they will drop you unceremoniously. You didn't exist for them in the first place; that's why it's so easy for them to move on as if you never existed.
My ex-N ended our relationship without reason, explanation or further contact. After he'd thrown me on pathway from the front door, he slammed the door into my back & I was left alone with injuries. The next time I saw him (in a pub), friends commented that he kept staring at me. I noticed an angry stern look on his face. He has not explained his violent behaviour nor explained anything else come to think of it! I'd like to think he was ashamed of his behaviour but that's not the case. He was far to busy telling mutual friends that I'd caused an argument etc etc. He failed to mention to some that he'd been violent & to those who had seen my bruises he suggested that he couldn't have possibly caused them! He wont contact me again - he knows that I know he is suffering some form of disorder & he does not want to hear that! He also knows that I was sensible enough to have the matter recorded formally by making a statement to the Police. Although I asked that further action was not taken by the police, it is now on record & if he contacts me, I have a direct line and reference to have him dealt with more officially.
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What dos a narcissist do when he ends the relationship?

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When does a narcissist end the relationship?

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