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They are born with orange teeth, just because it is a natural thing for them. The Nutria's body deposits iron onto the surface of its ever-growing teeth. This is why the teeth of the nutria appear orange or rust-colored.

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Is fresh orange juice bad for your teeth?

no fresh orange juice is not bad for your teeth

Why are a beaver's teeth orange?

Beavers have a hard protective coating on their teeth that contains iron. This turns their teeth orange and makes them extra hard.

What animal has orange front teeth that never stop growing?

Nutria (Myocastor coypus) is a rodent with orange teeth.

Why is orange juice bad for your teeth?

It contains citric acid and can erode the enamel of the teeth. If your not drinking enormous of orange juice and brush you teeth reliquary you'll be fine.

What does orange soda do to your teeth?

rots them

What do nutrias eat?

insects and plants

What's worse for your teeth orange fanta or freshly squeezed orange juice?

Diet orange soda

What is a orange spot on tooth?

The orange spot on your teeth is plague building up

What are the effects of orange juice on teeth?

Orange juice is pretty acidic. I wouldn't soak my teeth in it. Brush your teeth afterwards, and you should be ok.AnswerOrange juice also contains a high amount of sugar, and can cause tooth decay, especially with children. The acid in oranges and orange juice can strip the enamel right off your teeth, if you eat too many.

What does orange juice do to teeth?

makes them yellow

How do beavers eat?

with there mouth. and their orange teeth!!

What position does the nutrias have in a food web?

The Consumer. :)

What is the effect of orange juice on teeth?

it has citric acid, any acid will destroy teeth.

What fruit helps make your teeth white?

Oranges. Pill the Orange and rub it on your teeth.

Does orange peels witen your teeth?

well it works for some people. since oranges are acidic it could whiten your teeth, but don't use the orange{color} part or you'll wind up having orange teeth. And it must be dry or it wont work, and after you've applied it to your teeth and left it 10 min wash it good.

How do drinks effect your teeth?

my mother said orange juice makes your teeth brake down.Coffee,pepsi is also bad for your teeth.

Where are nutrias found?

south america....argentina? or brazil?

What are beaver 2 front teeth called?

the beavers two front teeth are called incisors and are orange

Are puppies allowed to eat orange?

yes you can but clean its teeth after

What colour of teeth do beavers have?

orange on the outside and white on the insoide

How orange peels can whiten your teeth?

high level's of citrus.

Do Louisiana nutrias carry diseases?

yes they can also kill you give you a cancer that i cant remeber the name of, DO NOT TOUCH THESE ANIMALS. a friend took one home from a swamp then he had to have brain sugery cause of nutrias

Why does orange juice taste salty if you drink it after brushing your teeth?

orange juice taste salty after brushing your teeth since an ingredient in the toothpaste blocks our sweeet taste buds leaving us with an awful taste.

What acids are in pure orange juice?

Citrus acids are in orange juice don't drink too much it will rot and damage yourteeth.

Give me three drinks that are bad for your teeth?

Orange juice, soda and coffee.