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It's a matter of selective absorption and reflection of the varying wavelengths of light. Our eyes and brain work together to interpret the different wavelengths of light as different colors. White light is composed of all possible wavelengths of visible light, and sunlight is very nearly white. Characteristics of various surfaces cause them to reflect or absorb certain wavelengths. The ones that are reflected to our eyes are what determine the color we perceive. To cite just a single example, if a ball is red, it reflects red light and absorbs the other colors. That's why it appears red. The issue is slightly different for a source of light, and the answer speaks to all other things we see and the colors they appear to have.

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Mine of the light is reflected to our eyes

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Q: Why do objects appear the color they are?
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Why objects appear the color you see?

It appears the color of light it reflects.

Imagine you are on a strange new planet All the lights in this planet is greenAll the objects are blue What color do the objects appear to be?

Since blue objects absorb the green light, the objects appear black.

Why do some objects appear black if black is not a color?

The saying "black is not a color" implies a certain meaning of the word "color" which has nothing to do with whether objects can appear black or not. It basically comes down to a question of semantics, which has a lot more to do with language than it does with physics. Ultimately, "don't worry about it" is probably the best answer.

What do the colors mean on a thermal camera?

The lighter or redder the color appears, the warmer the object is. This is how you can determine what objects are people or animals on a thermal camera. Nonliving objects, or colder objects, will appear blue or purple on the camera.

What color is an object when it reflects blue?

Assuming that the light you are shining on the object is white, then the object is also blue. Objects appear a certain color because they reflect that color to our eyes and the rest of the colors in the light are absorbed by the object.

Why does a black object appear black in any light?

Black objects are black because when light rays hit them, they absorb every color from the spectrum, which makes them appear black. So even if you put them under a different colored light, they will still appear black. White is actually the exact opposite, since it reflects every color in the spectrum.

What color does not appear in the color wheel?

Metallic colors do not appear in a color wheel.

What is the difference in terms of reflection between objects that appear blue and objects that appear yellow?

Blue is hot yellow is not

What do you call the fact that closer objects appear larger and farther objects appear smaller?

The phenomenon of diminishing size.

7 A system of drawing based on the idea that closer objects appear larger and distant objects appear smaller?


If an objects reflects red and green light what color does the object appear to be?

An object that reflects green and red light would be some shade of yellow or orange, depending on the proportions.

Why do certain objects appear black when seen in white light?

Objects appear in color because they reflect that color. Tree leaves appear green brcause they reflect green (and transmit green) so you know they don't need green light to grow. White lights contains all colors. A white object reflects most of them. A black object reflects very little light, so it appears black. Obviously with all that energy being absorbed, the temperature must rise, and that is true.

How do most celestial objects appear to move across the sky?

Celestial objects such as the sun appear to rise in the east and set to the west.

How do very high density objects appear in an ultrasound?

As white objects.

What happens to the color of green grass in red colored light?

Red light creates monochromatic color : all objects will appear in shades of red from brightest (white becomes bright red) to darkest (very dark colors appear dark red or black). So something green would not necessarily appear black, but a shade of red corresponding in hue to its grayscale equivalent.

Convex lens makes objects appear And Corrects?

Convex lens makes objects appear closer and corrects hyperopia (far-sightedness).

A system of drawing based on the idea that closer objects appear larger and distant objects appear smaller?

The answer is Linear Perspective.

How would red and green colour objects look like when viewed through Green light?

Green objects would appear green and red objects would appear very dark.

What gives most objects in nature their color?

What gives most objects it's natural color

Describe how the color of a transparent object is determined?

The color of transparent and translucent objects is determined differeently than the color of opaque objects.

What style of art represents people or objects exactly as they appear in life?

Realism is the style of art that represents people or objects exactly as they appear in life.

How do objects appear in a microscope?


Does color affect cooling time of objects?

color only affects the cooling time of objects if there is light

Why does not white light when falls on objects makes them appear as black or white?

Many objects do appear black or white when light falls on them. If they are black, it means that the object is absorbing all wavelengths of visible light and not reflecting any. If they are white, it means that they are reflecting all wavelengths of visible light and not absorbing any. The color of an object is due to the wavelengths of light that it reflects.

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left-hand side