Why do older men like young boys?

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There are many answers to this question.

1. Because boys represent themselves ,at a young age, and they are trying to recapture lost childhood.

2. Because boys' lack of adult characteristics makes them less obviously masculine.

3. Because their personal characteristics (e.g. smooth skin, childish facial appearance) are erogenous to the older man.

4. In some depraved cases, because older men can more easily prey on people younger and more vulnerable. Such cases may involve sexual interference, rape or violence.

5. Occasionally, boys prefer older men, and actively encourage their attentions.

There are doubtless many other reasons. cause older men are pervs
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Why do older women not like younger men?

Answer . \nIt really doesn't matter concidering it's a double bladed sword. We don't like younger guys because they are immature, but then again older guys can be the same way I don't think age necessarily matters sometimes your damned if you do and damned if you don't. Suggestion is to date a ( Full Answer )

Why do older men like dating teens?

Dating an older men is absolutely fine these days.As long as bothare happy in their relationship age doesnt matter.Most of theyounger women these days prefer dating older men.From celebritiesto common people all are in the same league. If you'd like to seethe source and a lot more information, check ( Full Answer )

Why are young women attracted to older men?

Answer . I am 22 an my husband is 52. I have no answer, people assume it is for money - he is a divorced father of 6 - what money???. I work full time and he is a stay at home father!. Emotionally, they yearn for maturity,comfort, and security. A case could be made that they're looking for a fa ( Full Answer )

Why do young girls like older guys?

Girls mature about five times faster than guys do. So while a girl and a guy are 15... the guy may act like a 10 year old half the time. Girls don't want immature boyfriends. That's why they go for the older guys. Really True^ But some girls Dont Want Real old guys they just want a good age matu ( Full Answer )

Why do women like older men?

They feel a sense of protection and older men usually have a job and can provide for the woman.

Can older men be best boys?

Answer . yes they can. if you ask them how old they are and you are about the age of15 to 26.

Why do younger women like older men?

it could be expirence. Or it could be that they want to be takencare of in a financial way and a older man can do that.

How do you get an older boy to like you?

Give him a smile or two when you see him, and play it cool. The moment a guy knows you really want him it makes the chase nonexistint and in my eyes boring! Especially when he's older.

Why are more and more young men looking for an older woman?

Because som of them feel insecure with a younger woman because they must be and I'm sorry to say this,moma's boys,and are looking for a more mature woman. To add to this: its my opinion that young men like older women because they somehow have a belief that they are more sexually available(which i ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to like older men?

Yes, it is normal for women to be attracted to older men who are more likely to be more sucessful, richer and more experienced than younger men. Caution is advised though, because older men tend to take sexual advantage of naive younger girls. i think it is okay as long as their not too much older ( Full Answer )

Why do girls like older boys?

Girls like older guys because they feel more mature, because boys in their teens tend to be less mature than girls, that being the girls want more maturity out of them so they go for the older ones. all girls have thought about dating older boys. its just how they grow up. and also becaouse older ( Full Answer )

Why do younger men like older women?

Not all younger men like older women, but some do for a variety of reasons; financial security, experience, or they just like that woman because of her unique qualities.

Why do men like older women?

SOME (certainly not all) younger women are mostly interested in fashion, shopping, pop music, and other things that nearly all men find, well, frivolous. Older women are interested in more substantive things, which gives them something to talk about. My younger female friends watch "Say Yes to the D ( Full Answer )

What do Young men get out of relationships with older women?

Sex. Lots of it.. Its the "Odepus Complex". The mythological young man named Odepus was jealous of his father's relationship with his mother, so he killed his father so he could marry his mother. Hence, young men attracted to older women subconsciously yearn for their mother. I guess you could say ( Full Answer )

Why do older men like boys for sex?

Look here: Why do older men like younger women for sex? Why do young men like young women for sex? Why do older lions like younger lionesses for sex? Why do dogs lick their balls? Whatever the reason, sex with underage boys is illegal. Not because it is any less pleasurable than sex w ( Full Answer )

You are 12 and you like older boys what do you do?

At age 12 you are beginning to firmly establish yourself as a unique person, including your interests, your likes and dislikes. You want to give yourself time to be a balanced individual, active, healthy, and engaged in activities that grow your mind, heart and spirit. Rather than concentrate on t ( Full Answer )

Why young men like older women?

Honestly, young men like older women because of the fact that they are mature females with fully developed body parts, its a sexual attraction. Men also like getting women that are hard to get, many guys like a challenge.

Why do older men like young girls?

sex. because they might have a low self esteem and feel better with a younger girl to boost their ego lol!. Young girls are easier to manipulate, or control. So it's best to keep the age as closely related as possible. For example, F.18- M.21 not F.18-M.28 with; "F" meaning female and "M" meaning ( Full Answer )

How to get an older boy to like you?

just be yourself if you really like him and want to go out with him then maybe just ask. if you are more patient then start off being his friend then make him like you.

Can young gay boys kiss older boys?

It all depends on how old they are if the boy is say 16 and kisses a 18 year old then yes that's ok. But if he is 16 kissing a 55 year old then no that would be wrong. He has to wait till he is 18 to kiss/f*** anyone that old.

Why do men like young females?

they believe anything all the lie intimadate them use them I've been there naive they fresh meat

What do you do when you like a boy who is older than you?

don,t say anythinge to your mum because shell tell him and enbarres you the same happed to me the wigan warrior rugby player n0 15 is a great friend of my dads and he is 13 years older than me but he is well fit

Why do young boys like older men?

When I was in elementary school and even into junior high, I found myself wanting to have an older man in my life. There was nothing wrong with my parents or my home life. I grew up in a stable middle class household, where all the I's were dotted and T's had been crossed. . If I look back at my mo ( Full Answer )

Why older men date a young girls?

1. They want to be around younger, better-looking, hot girls. 2. They want to use those young, inexperienced girls for sexual pleasure. 3. Their choice.. I say it's the second one. Always is.

How do you make an older boy like you?

first if you are little you dont need to be likng older boys but its your choice first,always keep you , 2 be yourself but if you are really weird you have to work on that.Im just saying.

Why do young women like older man?

It gives women security having a partner who is wiser and older andwho can take care of them. Plus, girls develop faster physicallyand mentally than boys do. Most young women are probably lookingfor someone on the same level of maturity as they are. To view more on the subject, please see the Relat ( Full Answer )

Young boy affair with an older woman?

That is not right for a man....... I mean a boy to have an affair with an older woman In this day and age that is all that is out there. No I agree with your answer, however there are alot of older men out there skirt chasing younger women and that means they don't want us older ladies, so we ( Full Answer )

Why do young men prefer older women?

Some young men prefer older women, others do not. The ones that prefer older women like women who are easier to get to know and closer to.

Why do older girls like young boys?

Younger boys may not be as physically developed as peers your own age, but they definitely aren't as physically "needy" like most older guys.

How do you tell a older boy you like him?

just be yourself if you really like him and want to go out with him then maybe just ask. if you are more patient then start off being his friend then make him like you.

Young girl that is obessed with a older men?

if she wants to have a relationship with them than BAD but if their like movies stars all teens are obbsessed w/ them like Taylor launter and such

What do you call a young woman that prey on older men?

Gold digger at worst. Otherwise, it's normal... Though I have heard the term Black Widow used to describe any woman who 'preys' on any sort of man. That'd be your best bet. It's mostly accepted that women like older men and men like younger women.

Are young men with below average testosterone likely to have below normal testosterone levels when they get older?

It depends because your body's testosterone levels change with time, puberty, environment, and can be chemically changed. If it is abnormally low the child should definitely seek medical advice (due to the fact he may have a high pitched voice and feminine features with lack of it) Testosterone leve ( Full Answer )

How can a young boy stop liking a older man?

Well, depending on how old, you can start hanging around girls, or stop hanging around the man. Try to get into new hobbies with your peers, as in, sports, music, etc.

What is the name for women who like older men?

I'm not sure there is one. There is an old saying though, and that is "It's better to be an old mans darling, than a young mans slave". So you could say "an old mans darling". Where that saying originates from, is another question entirely. they are called "kittens" cause women who like younger men ( Full Answer )

Do older men like chubby girls?

It doesn't matter what your figure is...what matters is whether the guy likes you :) and if he does he will like u for ho u are not whether u are a skinny wanna be model that never eats, be happy who you are!!

What if you like this boy and he is older than you?

Well dating/marraige (couples in general) are usually involving a guy who is the same age or a few years older than the girl..i in general would not date a guy who is younger than me. But i guess if i was realy n love i might..

Why do older men like 'My Little Pony'?

These older men, or Bronies, all have different reasons for liking the show. Some like it ironically, but the majority genuinely enjoy the show. Older women or girls who like the show can be called Bronies or Pegasisters. These people usually like the show because of the superior quality of the musi ( Full Answer )

Why do a lot of young women prefer older men?

Difficult question, but as much as I know, young women in general feel secure with older men. A man who had secure job, stable emotions and thoughts are mostly acquired by older men in general. Sometimes this goes around as well, depends on the personality of each individuals.

Why older guys like young ladies?

Sometimes older men like young ladies because it makes them feellike they are still as attractive as they were when they wereyounger. Older women are sometimes attracted to younger men for thesame reason.