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Why do painters wear white?

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Painter's wear white for many reasons. White is a sign of professionalism in the industry, it also is worn to show that they are very clean. Originally painter's wore white because the majority of coatings out there were white! (Whitewash) As a painter back in the old days rather than ruin all your clothes simply wear all white and the paint wont be noticed. In todays market it is a sign of the tradesmen. I have nothing but respect when I see a painter in painter's whites. I know that they are proud of their profession and want to be seen as professionals. This is a little bit on the history. Good Luck and Happy Painting!

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Painters wear white for a number of reasons. It is a bit of a warning to everyone else, if you see a painter you tend not to touch anything. It looks much more professional when a bunch of painters turn up to a job wearing white as oppose to every one wearing whatever colour they want. What if all painters wore red or blue they would all still be wearing different shades of red or blue and they would fade at different levels. You can bleach your whites clean without fading. Most colours used when painting are a light colour, so if you're wearing any other colour than white its going to show a lot more. Temperature wise it's also the coolest colour to wear outside.

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