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The reason parents lie is often to protect their children, or to protect themselves.

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Q: Why do parents lie?
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Related questions

Do parents lie to you?

I'm sorry to say that parents do lie to you. And no matter how much they say, "no I didn't lie", there lyingThat does not mean to not trust your parents because your parents are probaly only lying because your to young to know or because its something you won't understand.Parents don't want to lie but sometimes they have to for your own good...

Why do teenagers lie to their parents?

Most teens lie to their parents because they are afraid of them. Some parents go overboard when they hear their teen child did something bad. If parents would actually take the time to listen to the child and understand in their perspective maybe teens won't lie that much.

Why its important not to lie to your parents?

you shouldn't lie to your parents because its not right. You were born because of them and you have the sense to lie to them (thats not right) you need to respect them. they give you food they give you clothes they give you shelter etc i love and respect my parents have about you

What is Jonas's first lie to his parents?

I forgot

How do you know if your parents know a lie you told?

Parents watch your actions very closely.

Why do parents lie to you?

Mainly to protect you.

why did my mom lie to me about santa?

That's what all parents do.

Why do kids lie to their parents?

so the parents would not know what or how they did the thing that they really did.

How can you tell if your parents are lying to you?

It is argued that polygraphy is not an exact science. However, the suggested indicators of a lie include:voice stresschanges in respiratory patternsskin conductivityOr, one can just catch his or her parents in a lie.

What is the dumbest thing you ever did?

Lie to my parents.

How do you get the respect of your friends parents?

Do not lie to them. Be nice.

Are parents right when they say santa is real?

Parents lie when they say "Santa is real"

A girl says she cant give out her number because of parents that's a lie how do you know when you can get it?

It might not be a lie.

Why do 12 year old girls lie?

12 year old girls lie because they are still children who are learning, if their parents are teaching them, to not lie.

Why do parents tell their kids not to lie but they lie about santa Claus?

Parents don't want kids to lie and be bossy or mean or anything bad really, but kids like to imagine and have fun. I figured out Santa wasn't real and I was okay with that. When I see other kids find out by parents and they cry or throw a fit. Your right, parents shouldn't have told then in the first place but kids like to imagine!

Are parents telling the true about Santa?

hello and our parents lie of santa claus

What was Jonas first lie to his parents?

He lied to his parents when he said that he understood why it was inappropriate to use a word like "love."

How do you lie 2 your parents?

You simply come up with a conviencinq lie to tell them, think of what your are lieing about nd; switch it around to what you want it to be.

Why do perents lie to their kids?

Parents lie to their kids because a parents job is to protect their kin for as long as they can. A good parent will go great lengths to make sure no harm is done to his or her kids.

What lie did Jonas tell his parents?

i love cheese

When did romeo lie to his parents?

He did not. He doesn't tell his parents anything at all, which means he told them nothing that was untrue.

What provokes Jonas's first lie to his parents?

He lied to his parents when he said that he understood why it was inappropriate to use a word like "love."

If grownups lie to children why cant children lie to grownups?

You can. I told my parents that i was riding my tricycle, when actually, I was sodomizing the cat.

Why do parents tell their kids not to lie?

it is easy, they tell you not to lie so they can find out your grades and have some kind of excuse to spank you with.

How do i make a YouTube without my parents knowing?

ok...what u need 2 do is make an account with a fake name, whenever u get on, delete the history when u r done, and never, i repeat NEVER, get on when ur parents r home!!!!hope i helped!!! :)LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE!!!!