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Why do parents lie?


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The reason parents lie is often to protect their children, or to protect themselves.

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I'm sorry to say that parents do lie to you. And no matter how much they say, "no I didn't lie", there lyingThat does not mean to not trust your parents because your parents are probaly only lying because your to young to know or because its something you won't understand.Parents don't want to lie but sometimes they have to for your own good...

Mainly to protect you.

Most teens lie to their parents because they are afraid of them. Some parents go overboard when they hear their teen child did something bad. If parents would actually take the time to listen to the child and understand in their perspective maybe teens won't lie that much.

hello and our parents lie of santa claus

so the parents would not know what or how they did the thing that they really did.

ok...what u need 2 do is make an account with a fake name, whenever u get on, delete the history when u r done, and never, i repeat NEVER, get on when ur parents r home!!!!hope i helped!!! :)LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE!!!!

Parents lie when they say "Santa is real"

He did not. He doesn't tell his parents anything at all, which means he told them nothing that was untrue.

You can. I told my parents that i was riding my tricycle, when actually, I was sodomizing the cat.

it is easy, they tell you not to lie so they can find out your grades and have some kind of excuse to spank you with.

Parents lie to their kids because a parents job is to protect their kin for as long as they can. A good parent will go great lengths to make sure no harm is done to his or her kids.

Parents don't want kids to lie and be bossy or mean or anything bad really, but kids like to imagine and have fun. I figured out Santa wasn't real and I was okay with that. When I see other kids find out by parents and they cry or throw a fit. Your right, parents shouldn't have told then in the first place but kids like to imagine!

Some children do, but you shouldn't. Lying is wrong, especially to your parents, or any family member.

He lied to his parents when he said that he understood why it was inappropriate to use a word like "love."

You do know that all people are different.

If you mean lie by telling them the Easter bunny exists, then yes, parents do tell their children that harmless lie, just as their parents did before them.It brings a sense of innocence and enjoyment in childhood so that when the child grows, they are appreciative of the moments when they were young and all they believe in was true to them, even if only for a little while.

He lied to his parents when he said that he understood why it was inappropriate to use a word like "love."

Jonas's cause for lieing to his parents, is that he was not allowed to share his dreams. When his parents asked him for his dreams he said he didn't have any when he did.

because they dont want to get in trouble and have there parents find out

Because their parents don't monitor them.

Just and update: I forgot to mention that the lie was about telling their parents that they were sleeping at my house when they were really down the other end of the country.

Justin Bieber has never talked about whether or not he has lied to his parents. However, he is human, and all people at one time or another tell a lie, so most likely, he has lied to them at some point.

They told her that her parents have died due to sickness.

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