Why do people cut the ankles of your jeans?

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2010-11-30 19:39:37

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the jeans are too slim for that persons style, cutting the ankles gives the slim fit jeans more of a straight-leg fit look

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2010-11-30 19:39:37
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Q: Why do people cut the ankles of your jeans?
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What are carrot and arc fit jeans?

Dropcrotch jeans basically, jeans which crotch come a little lower and are slim at ankles

Why does skinny jeans flare out?

they don't flare out, they hug your ankles !

What is the difference between jeans and skinny jeans?

jeans are loose around the ankles.. skinny jeans are tight around the ankle, which makes them easy to tuck into boots.

What are skinny jeans?

skinny jeans are jeans that fit tightly around your ankles or lower legs like it tight from ur waist down

Where can I get skinny jeans that are actually right orotund the ankle for men?

Many retailers carry skinny jeans that are tight around the ankles for men. If tighter ankles are required, there are quite a few tailors who will alter a pair of jeans for a small fee.

What are boyfriend jeans?

They are girls jeans that are ripped and tattered. most of the time, they will be rolled up at the ends and still fit around the ankles perfectly.

What is the difference in bootcut and skinny bootcut jeans?

Boot cut jeans flare out at the bottom, in a shape that you could wear boots under. The ankles aren't tight. They start getting wider at the knees Skinny bootcut jeans are tight all they way down (are tight around the calves) then start to flare out around the ankle.

When were boot cut jeans invented?

boot cut jeans were made for when you want your pants to go over your boots

Where can one purchase boot cut jeans?

Boot cut jeans can be purchased in many retail stores. Most local malls likely consist of a few stores that carry boot cut jeans. Stores such as Sears, Gap, and Old Navy have boot cut jeans in stock.

Does Bella Swan wear skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?

Bella Swan wears skinny jeans.

What is the difference between relaxed and regular cut jeans?

Relaxed jeans will ride lower on the hips, while regular cut jeans will give you a rounded fit.

Where do people usually cut themself?

they can do it enywhere there hips,legs,arms(at the top),ankles,wrists but the wrists are the most common

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