What are carrot and arc fit jeans?

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Dropcrotch jeans basically, jeans which crotch come a little lower and are slim at ankles

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Q: What are carrot and arc fit jeans?
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How do the Jonas Brothers fit into their jeans?

They buy jeans that are their size. They fit into their jeans the same way you fit into your jeans. They wears skinny jeans mostly so that's why their jeans look really small.

What shoes to wear with carrot jeans?

espadrilles or slip on plimsolls x

Can you give me a sentence with fit?

You can not fit into your jeans because you are not fit.

How do you fit in jeans?

try it on

What famous talkshow host wore apple bottom jeans?

Carrot top

Men's Diesel Jeans: Choosing The Perfect Fit?

The Diesel denim brand offers men's jeans that emphasize a masculine style. Before selecting a pair of Diesel jeans, guys should consider the fit, wash, color, fabric, and size. When all of these factors are combined together properly, a man can wear the latest Diesel jeans with plenty of confidence. Some of the latest trends in Diesel jeans fits include bootcut, carrot, skinny, straight, and tapered. As the name implies, a bootcut style is ideal for guys that love to wear casual and dress boots. A carrot style is perfect for beach and poolside settings, as the bottom of the jeans roll up to avoid getting soaked.

What is the difference in slim fit and regular fit men's pants?

slim fit is for fat guys who cant fit in skinny jeans but i don't recommend skinny jeans.

What are the differences in fit between Levi and Lee jeans?

They are made to fit different body types. Lee jeans were originally for men and Levi jeans were made for ladies.

Which brand of women's jeans provides the best fit?

Liz Clairborne jeans are known for their snug fit, but can be rather costly.

Do the Lee Heritage straight fit jeans come in boot cut?

Lee Heritage straight fit jeans wouldn't be straight fit jeans if they were boot cut.You have to buy a boot cut jean if that's what you want.

Why do people cut the ankles of your jeans?

the jeans are too slim for that persons style, cutting the ankles gives the slim fit jeans more of a straight-leg fit look

Will the slim fit jeans shrink at all after I wash them?

Slim fit jeans may shrink a little bit in the washing machine.

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