Why do people do free running?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The only sport equipment needed to go jogging is a pair of good trainers - making jogging a very cheap form of free exercise. Jogging raises the heart rate and gets the circulation and the lungs working, though it is best to jog away from traffic pollution if at all possible. It is also additive to some people, who will jog in all weathers, and to a strict routine. Therefore, while it is not to everyone's taste, some people like to jog - simple!

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To show freedom through the expression of movement.

This is a form of urban acrobatics -- it's fun, it's entertaining to the people watching, and it keeps you really fit and athletic.

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Q: Why do people do free running?
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Anyone can do free running or become a free runner, but if you are looking for a role type; I would say an athlete.

What do you call it when people jump from building to building?

Free running or Parkour.

Why should free running be a recognized sport?

it is athletic and good for people to do

Where do people learn to free run?

There are many tutorials of free-running/parkour tricks/movements on youtube.

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Is free running its actual name?

Yes it is. Free running is a sport

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free running shoes

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