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Mainly because they make you feel good.

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Alcoholic beverages are any type of drink containing alcohol.

Throughout the world, most people drink alcoholic beverages.

you have to be 18 to drink alcoholic beverages No you have to be 21 to drink Alcoholic beverages its true you have to be 21 years old to drink at least in the USA. :D

a drink with alcohol in it.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:X Berry Bomb (energy drink)X Kosmic Kola (energy drink)X Tropical Typhoon (energy drink)X Twisted Citrus (energy drink)XTZ Chai spice (energy drink)XTZ Kaffe (energy drink)XTZ Tea (energy drink)Alcoholic Beverages: X (alcoholic drink)Xango (alcoholic drink)Xanthia cocktail (alcoholic drink)Xaviera (alcoholic drink)Xeres cocktail (alcoholic drink)XYZ cocktail (alcoholic drink)Xingu Black Beer (beer in Brazil)

Alcoholic beverages were safer to drink than water. Wine and beer.

Age 21 for Alcoholic beverages.

bc its illegal for people under 18 to drink or be in possesion of alcohol

Tequila is an alcoholic drink. It begins with the letter t.

All distilled spirits alcoholic beverages are safe to drink.

No. Like any other alcoholic beverage such as whisky, tequila is a depressant. You drink it for the same exact reason you drink any other alcoholic beverage. A number of people find it more enjoyable than other alcoholic beverages and many find hangovers far worse than with other alcoholic beverages.

They are people. A vast majority of the worlds population drink alcoholic beverages, for centuries beer and wine was safer than drinking water. Those that abuse alcohol are referred to as alcoholic.

well saying how alcohol is a poison, just dont take 200 proof but if you are more-so than other people, dont take any alcoholic beverages

water, wine, champagne, alcoholic beverages and fruit juice

Grenadine. This is used in mixing alcoholic beverages.

The do so when they are in need of a drink.

Yes they can! As concerns beverages, Muslims are only prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages. It is Mormons who cannot drink coffee among other beverages.

If you're asking about alcoholic beverages, Samoa brews its own beer, Vailima. Samoans also drink ava (kava).

Prohibition failed because so many millions of people wanted to drink alcoholic beverages.

The alcohol in alcoholic beverages is called Ethonal. Alcoholic beverages are an chemical reaction to yeast on sugar.

dangerous, in extreme cases can lead to death

It is not recommended as most alcoholic beverages have many carbs, but yes.

If the question is referring to alcoholic beverages, (in the US) everywhere.

Don't drink ANY alcoholic beverages while you are pregnant.