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Why do people enjoy anime?

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Is Bleach the best anime?

That is a matter of ones own opinion. Many people enjoy it, however it is the most popular anime.

Is watching anime shota weird?

It can be weird for some people who don't enjoy it very much, however if you do enjoy it then it's not at all weird.

What is the best place to watch anime?

I personally enjoy watching anime in the comfort of my own home.

Are there beautiful girls who enjoy anime cartoons and video games?


What are some epic anime?

Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Devil May Cry, Hellsing, (one anime) Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and Inuyasha. I know you will enjoy these anime.

What are the little anime people called?

in what anime?

What are some sites that let you watch anime on the wii?

Well many people use Sadly I dont think youtube is a good place for anime. Luckily there is a site called it works really nice =) Enjoy

Why do people watch anime?

Because anime is awesome! when a person watches anime they are into the story.

Is it good or bad if adults over 19 years old watch ONLY cartoons?

"Bad" Bad it is not my friend, i am 26yo and all i watch primarily is anime and cartoons, i especially enjoy cartoons from my child hood, good nostalgia. if you enjoy cartoons and anime etc you are in a massive group, worldwide there are hundreds of thousands of people who attend comic/anime conventions just to buy collectables, dress up in cosplay and catch glimpse of anime/comic book stars in the real. live it up and enjoy, put it this way if no-one liked them they wouldn't make them anymore =P

Why are there so many anime?

Because there is a very high demand in Japan and countries such as USA. People enjoy watching it, therefore a lot of producers create the videos.

Why is anime famous?

Anime is famous because it is different to normal drawings. people like what anime looks like. Not everyone but a lot of people do. Anime is famous because people like how it is unique rto different artists.

Is the anime Fairy Tail a kid's show?

Fairy Tail is a 'shounen' anime, it is aimed towards younger male viewers, though of course anyone can enjoy it.

Is anime popular?

Anime is popular with young people. Anime conventions are held all over the world.

Is there such a thing as a cool Otaku?

No, Otaku isn't cool period. OtaGamer Says: There are many otaku who are cool or popular. Just because you enjoy Japanese anime, that doesn't mean that you are non-social. There are many famous otaku (one of the previous prime ministers of Japan was an otaku), and many people that enjoy anime have many friends and aren't known as nerds.

What is anime midi?

Anime Midi is basically all your favorite anime OP's, ED's, and so on put into a online coding callled MIDI. So you can know enjoy playing it in many online games such as Mabinogi :3

Is anime good?

Completely up to you - have to watch it and find out. It's not everyone cup of tea - but I sugesst the first anime you watch be on a topic or genre you enjoy otherwise can be boring.

How do you create your own anime?

Hi! You can make it at the attached link. Hope you'll enjoy it :D

Who was Japanese Anime created for?

The japanese.Other parts of the world enjoy it for its great quality entertainment.

What online anime job can you get?

You can be an English dubber for anime but its a very tough job to get into because many companies like to hire within their own staff but i heard it is possible to get a job b dubbing anime into different languages so that other countries can also enjoy anime .

Does anime exist?

I dont exactly know what you mean but there is a yes and no to this question. Yes, anime does exist for most people watch it. No, anime is not real and people only act it out.

What information does bulbapedia show?

Bulbapedia shows anime. They include Pokemon and many other anime shows that are available for all to watch and enjoy. They also have the Diamond and Pearl series.

Where can you meet other people online who like anime?

Yahoo Groups (See related link below.) , AniDb , Anime News Network , OtakuCenter , Anime-Forums , Anime Planet , CrunchyRoll , They will all have forums where you can meet like-minded people who admire anime .

Why do people get all worked up about cartoons in Japan?

First off, its called anime, and I think its because anime has more exciting plot and more interesting characters. Anime has many different genre's that apply to different peoples interests, some watch it because they are bored. And some just simply enjoy watching it, for reasons of their own. =3

Who has pink hair?

Anime characters, people who live in story books, people who cosplay anime characters, people whoo have wigs, and people who die it that color.

Why is anime so cool?

It is kind of obvious because, it is so fun to watch! I mean, do you not enjoy it or something?