Why do people find love?


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its something in the feeling when they feel happy


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people do love you, you just got to find the rite ones

A lot of people find love at 1st sight. About more than 100,000 people find love at 1st sight around the country in less than a week.

you cant make them love eachother. they have to find it.

yes indeed they do but it can end quickly when people cheat or find another true love

There are dating websites. People do not fall in love on website, but they fall in love on discovering the type of person they are in love with.

Of course you can find love with a matchmaking service. The people that use matchmaking services are no different than the people you may find through other means.

The website "Plenty of Fish", is a good web site to find love.

Tinkerbell's special power is that she can help people find love. She can also help people recognize what true love is.

It's not that they never find anyone, it's just that it takes some people longer to get to that point. Besides a person has to be content with themselves first in order to find someone to love.

It just dependes on who finds love at first sight. Some people take awhile for find love. Love is a very hard thing to figure out. Half of the world finds love at first sight.

People use facebook to connect with people they love but who live so far away. Also to find people they know and they love but havent seen in years.

To find their love and their brands!

Many girls find him attractive.

There is no secret to finding true love. Some people are very fortunate to find 'true love' but many more do not. Some people who don't 'find' their true love, grow to love their mate more over time, but many relationships also grow apart. There are even people who never find love but manage to lead very satisfying lives all the same. Certainly, this is preferable to the many relationships that turn harmful or destructive. There are so many qualities and personal traits that come into play, and people are all so different, that no formula exists.

Love can be a person's actions or just them saying it to you with feeling. The person has to give love, make friends, and help those in need. You can find love anywhere, but first you must be willing to give it.

Because lots of people have unrealistic expectations. Or really really really high standards. Some people think they have found true love, but then they are betrayed, or the person leaves them and they give up. True love is really hard to find, but totally worth it when/if you do.

Well when people find that the other one is attractive, shares the same likes as them, and also likes them..they fall in love

Spring is considered the season of love, and thus many people find another love. The odds are generally coincidences, however.

People have a heart for one person their can not be two person in love if that person dont like you move on someday you will find a love of your live.

People like crisps because of the taste and the smell that they have which most people might find adictive

OF COURSE THEY CAN!!!! Anyone can. You just have to have faith and believe.

most people do fall in love in their lives. but some people hate the world(like emos) and think that love is pointless. to some people love comes early but sometimes you need to wait to fall in love. if you go and look for love it is not likely you will find it. if you wait love will come when you least expect it.

The best love IS acually when you find love and they love you back.

You fell love when you become friends and get more relationship with each other.You can find people in your school and church

You probably can. People love to help younger kids find out their future

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