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When did dumbo get drunk?

After he mistakenly drank the champagne in search of water for his hiccups.

Did anyone ever have hiccups last for days?

Yes, people have had hiccups last for days.

How do you make a person get the hiccups?

You can't. People often get the hiccups from eating or drinking too fast.

How many people die from the hiccups each year?

How many people die each year from hiccups

Does hiccups mean your growing?

no, hiccups are a twitch in the muscles around the throat. if you get hiccups more often than other people, that's not weird, everyones different

What causes people to have hiccups?

Spasm in your diaphragm

What color are your hiccups?

What does that even mean

Why do people drive drunk?

People don't know why they drive when they are drunk. When you are sober you think that you would not drive drunk. But when you are drunk, that's a different thing all together... You do stupid things when drunk.

Why are the hiccups called hiccups?

They are called the hiccups because of the "hiccup" sound you make when you have them.

Why do you have hiccups?

Most common cause is a spasm of the veges nerve, which causes a twitch to occur in the diaphragm. People get hiccups for drinking to much water

Why does sugar cure hiccups?

It does not. Although there are many ideas that work for different people, hiccups are a synchronous diaphragmic flutter, caused by a disturbed diaphragm.

What is the cause of hicups?

Hiccups are usually caused by a lack of oxygen to the diaphragm. Hiccups are hard to get rid of once they start. Many people might get the hiccups just by eating a piece of bread without drinking water or another liquid.

How many people swallow blowgun darts?

The ones wiith the hiccups.

Do newborn kittens get hiccups?

any feline can get the hiccups

What can a person do to get hiccups?

You can get hiccups by eating food to fast.

What is a sentence using the word hiccups?

My hiccups are dehabilitating.

How can you describe Hiccups?

Hiccups are a spasm of the phrenic nerve

Can gerbils get the hick ups?

it is rare that gerbils get the hiccups but if they do get hiccups then they receive the hiccups by drinking or eating to fast such as humans

How long is it possible to have the hiccups?

You can have hiccups for 5 minutes or you can have them for life. It depends. There was a man who once had the hiccups for 42 years

How can you cure hiccups in Virtual Families?

Drag the person who has the hiccups onto the bathroom sink, they will drink water, and the hiccups will be cured. If it is the first time that you are curing hiccups, you will receive a trophy.

Has Hannah Montana had the hiccups before?

Everyone gets hiccups.

Why does eating hot pepper cause hiccups?

For some, the heat in hot peppers causes a slight disruption in the diaphragm. This is why eating hot pepper causes hiccups for many people.

Is it illegal to drive people who are drunk?

It is not illegal to drive people who are drunk. In fact it is the best thing to do for a person who is drunk instead of letting the person drive his or her own vehicle while drunk. That is why "designated drivers" are important.

How many people were killed by drunk drivers in US?

In 2008, almost 13,000 people were killed by drunk drivers.

Are puppy hiccups a sign of worms?

nope puppy hiccups are not a sign of worms. hiccups in a puppy are perfectly fine dont worry

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