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because he beat the crape out of Rihanna but u know what LET IT GO that discussion was so Feb. just let it go then u won't have to worry about it and for some people stop bein a hater cause this is your name for the people that hate Chris Brown for all the people that LOVE Chris brown keep on loveing him because that's why he's where he is now in teens and kids hearts and that's where he should stay.

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You hate Chris Brown?

I used to like him, until he beat up Rhianna. Now, he's pretty much a total loser. chris brown isn't a good raper. In my opinion i hate him and his songs.

How much does Chris Brown weigh?

Weighs About 158 PoundsChris Brown weighs 158.

How much do Chris Brown weigh?

Chris Brown weighs about between 120 and 150 pounds.

How much did Chris Brown make in 2008?

chris brown made an estimated $150,000,000 in 2008

How many people are in love with Chris Brown?

2 much people naaaa it would be da whole world chris baby i love u mwa 2 much people naaaa it would be da whole world chris baby i love u mwa man da whole world is in love wit chris millions of people r n luv wit chris brown he is da man of the universe [chris baby i luv u ''''mwa''''']

Who dances better Justin Bieber or Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are both very talented people and dancers but as much as i love Justin. Chris is a lot better. if you look at his dance moves in some of his songs you will see.

How much is the bail for Chris Brown?

IT is suppose to be 50,000

Is rihanna going to beat up Chris Brown?

No and if she tries to I am going to beat her up because I like Chris Brown so much.

How much Chris Brown worth in 2011?

The net worth of R&B singer Chris Brown is around $22 million dollars.

How much money does chris brown earn a year?

How much money Chris Brown earns in a year varies with his schedule. In 2013 it is estimated that he earned about 40 million dollars.

Does Chris Brown know Soulja Boy?

yes he does They were going against each other and chris brown won thank u very much

How can you chat Chris Brown?

you want to talk to chris brown call him at 1-804-201-9377 hey but dont flirt to much he is mine

How much does Chris Brown earn in one night on tour?

chris brown ears like $200 per tour so alot theres your answer

Why people hate dogs?

Some people love them as much as ice cream and desserts but some people hate them as much broccoli.

Did Chris Brown mother pass away?

No she did not. She is very much alive.

How can you get Chris Brown to walk with you on your birthday?

i now i like chris brown and i don't now how i will talk to him maybe we can say happy birthday to or self and i love you verry much

What do Michael Jackson and Chris Brown have in common?

not very much, chris brown is very talented and can sorta kinda dance like Michael. but of course, Michael was better.

How many people hate WikiAnswers?

I don't think much people do, I hate it myself (sometimes).

How is chirs brown?

he is much better. his life is getting better we still love you Chris brown . You are the best and always will be.

How much more money does bow wow have than Chris Brown?

Bow wow has a lot of money for his music and chris brown is now not really doing anything but bow wow is working so i think that he has got a lot more money then chris brown however both the rappers are great at there job and it does not matter about how much they make its about them doing what they love and respect and who knows chris b might be makin more money then bow wow but lots of people thinhk about 100'000

Does Rihanna love Chris Brown?

Rhianna loves Chris because she said "i love him and i know he would not hurt me that much"

How much is Chris Brown worth?

More than 60 million...Infinity...

How much songs does Chris Brown have?

i think more than 40 songs

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